Writing Group


My writing group has been meeting since September 2002. (Technically, it wasn't a "group" until a bit later because I was the only person at the first meeting.) I didn't have a digital camera back then, and when I finally got one, there wasn't much to photograph; for the first few months, the group met near the cafe on the 4th floor of the Barnes & Noble near Lincoln Center, and when we got too big for that space (and got kicked out by a not-too-nice manager), we began using the nearby public atrium at Ollie's Noodle Shop & Grille. Eventually we became too big for THAT space and started holding most of our meetings in people's homes, and before long I decided to take a photograph whenever the group met in a different spot.

As you comb though the photos below, keep in mind that the number of people you see is often much lower than the number of people who were actually there. For example, when you look at Ben's roofdeck and think, "Oh, how cute, there were four people at this meeting," take a closer look and you'll see two more people off to the side—plus there was me (the photographer) and 17 others in the living room down below. Anyway, enjoy . . .


Anna's brownstone

Ben's roofdeck

Central Park

Chris's backyard

David's place

FIT courtyard

Herb's office

Ken's one-bedroom

Leon's roofdeck

Michael's penthouse

Nontraditional Employment for Women

Sandra's living room

Sandy & Leslie's loft

Toy Museum of NY

Zack H.'s studio

3B -- Bed & Breakfast
  Host -- Location

Abe -- Astoria, Queens
Abe -- Washington Heights

ACME Studio -- Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Adam -- Brooklyn Heights
Adela -- Roosevelt Island
Alex -- Upper West Side
Alex & Lindsey -- Harlem
Alexandra -- Kensington, Brooklyn
Amanda -- Lower East Side
Amanda -- West Village
Amber -- Prospect Heights, Brooklyn
Amitai -- Upper West Side
Andrea -- Park Slope, Brooklyn
Andrew -- Bushwick, Brooklyn
Andrew -- Gramercy Park
Andrew -- Lenox Hill
Andrew -- Long Island City, Queens
Andrew & Dorkys -- Washington Heights
Anna A. -- Park Slope, Brooklyn
Anna A. -- Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn
Anna Q. -- Astoria, Queens
Anne -- Washington Heights
Argosy Book Store -- Midtown
Ari -- Astoria, Queens
Ariel -- Fort Greene, Brooklyn
Ariel -- Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Arielle & Michael -- Washington Heights
Bailey -- Kensington, Brooklyn
Banks -- Tribeca
Bassey -- Greenpoint, Brooklyn
Bassey -- Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Bassey -- Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn
Becca -- Rego Park, Queens
Bekki -- Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn
Ben B. -- Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn
Ben H. -- Upper East Side
Ben H. -- Greenpoint, Brooklyn
Ben L. -- East Village
Ben & Jen - Astoria, Queens
Beth -- Astoria, Queens
Beth -- Upper East Side
Bhaven -- Morningside Heights
Bret -- East Village
Brian -- Hell's Kitchen
Brooke -- East Harlem
Cairo -- Boerum Hill, Brooklyn
Caitlin -- Midtown West
Caitlyn -- Morningside Heights
Caitlyn -- Washington Heights
Cameron -- Washington Heights
Cara -- Upper East Side
Carl -- Chelsea
Cassidy -- Chinatown
Catherine C. -- ABC City
Catherine L. -- Fort George
Celine -- Upper East Side
Central Park -- Upper West Side
Central Park -- Upper West Side
Chemda -- Long Island City, Queens
Chez Lola -- Fort Greene, Brooklyn
Chris H. -- Nyack, NY
Chris M. -- Harlem
Chris M. -- Bushwick, Brooklyn
Christie -- Park Slope, Brooklyn
Christie -- Harlem
Christy -- Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn
City Hall Park -- Civic Center
Clyde Frazier's Wine & Dine -- Hell's Kitchen
Cora -- Fort Greene, Brooklyn
Courtney -- Upper East Side
Dan -- SoHo
Dana -- Astoria, Queens
Dani -- Harlem
Daniel G. -- Astoria, Queens
Daniel R. -- Upper West Side
Danny -- Clinton Hill, Brooklyn
Dave M. -- East Village
Dave S. -- Harlem
David M. -- Harlem
David M. -- Upper West Side
David M. -- Hell's Kitchen
David M. -- Midtown South
David N. -- Hamilton Heights
David N. -- Hamilton Heights
David S. -- Washington Heights
Davie -- Greenwich Village
Davoud -- Inwood
Dia:Beacon -- Beacon, NY
Donna -- Park Slope, Brooklyn
Dorkys -- Kingsbridge, Bronx
Dorkys -- Harlem
Dr. Loni -- Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn
Easton -- Washington Heights
Elayne -- West Village
Eldrid -- Washington Heights
Elisa -- Upper West Side
Ellie L. #1 -- Brooklyn Heights
Ellie L. #2 -- Brooklyn Heights
Ema -- NoHo
Eman -- Lefferts Gardens, Brooklyn
Erasmo -- Washington Heights
Erik -- Prospect Heights, Brooklyn
Erika -- Williamsburg, Brooklyn
FIT basement -- Chelsea
FIT courtyard -- Chelsea
Fredda -- North Bergen, NJ
Gantry Plaza State Park -- Long Island City, Queens
Ghan -- Prospect Heights, Brooklyn
Gillian -- Midtown West
Gina -- Upper West Side
Gonul -- Woodside, Queens
Grigory -- Yorkville
Hannah - Harlem
Hannah -- Inwood
Hanson -- Midtown South
Heidi -- Inwood
Herb -- Tribeca
Ian -- Astoria, Queens
Ifeoma -- Harlem
Intrepid -- Hudson River
Iris Records -- Jersey City, NJ
Izzy -- downtown Brooklyn
Jackie C. -- Astoria, Queens
Jackie S. -- Morningside Heights
Jacob -- Upper West Side
Jaimee -- Lincoln Square
Jaime E. -- Boerum Hill, Brooklyn
Jamie G. -- Upper West Side
James -- Upper West Side
Janine -- Upper West Side
J.B. -- Midwood, Brooklyn
Jeff R. -- Prospects-Lefferts Gardens, Brooklyn
Jeff R. -- Washington Heights
Jeff S. -- Upper West Side
Jen -- Prospect Heights, Brooklyn
Jenny A. -- Long Island City, Queens
Jenny F. -- Washington Heights
Jeremy -- Greenpoint, Brooklyn
Jeremy -- Inwood
Jessica -- Harlem
Jessica -- Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn
Jessie -- Tribeca
Jo Ann -- Ditmas Park, Brooklyn
Jodi -- Staten Island
Joe B. -- Kensington, Brooklyn
Joe G. -- Ridgewood, Queens
John M. -- Kensington, Brooklyn
John R. -- Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn
Jon -- Morningside Heights
Jona -- Astoria, Queens
Jona -- Kips Bay
Julia -- Park Slope, Brooklyn
Julianne -- Riverdale, Bronx
Julianne -- Carroll Gardens
Juliette -- Civic Center
Karen -- Teaneck, NJ
Karyn -- Long Island City, Queens
Kate -- Greenpoint, Brooklyn
Kathy -- Murray Hill
Kelly -- Park Slope, Brooklyn
Ken -- Upper West Side
Ken -- Upper West Side
Ken -- Hoboken, NJ
Kiley -- Bushwick, Brooklyn
Kiley -- Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Kiley -- Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Kiley -- Flatbush, Brooklyn
Kris -- Park Slope, Brooklyn
Krista -- Upper West Side
Ky -- Lenox Hill
Laura B. -- Spanish Harlem
Laura M. -- Upper West Side
Lawrence -- Astoria, Queens
Leanna -- Upper West Side
Leon -- Hell's Kitchen
Leon -- Hell's Kitchen
Leon -- Hell's Kitchen
Leon -- Upper East Side
Leslie & Travis -- Kensington, Brooklyn
Leslie & Travis -- Crown Heights, Brooklyn
Lia -- Yorkville
Lia -- Fort Greene, Brooklyn
Lincoln -- Staten Island
Lincoln -- Downtown Brooklyn
Linda -- South Park Slope, Brooklyn
Lindsay -- Washington Heights
Lisa C. -- Kips Bay
Lisa G. -- Bedford Park, Bronx
Lisa Y. -- Upper West Side
Living Room Lounge -- Sunset Park, Brooklyn
Liz C. -- Park Slope, Brooklyn
Liz K. -- Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn
Liz M. -- Sunnyside, Queens
Liz M. -- Upper East Side
Loan -- Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn
Loren -- Upper West Side
Lulu -- Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Lulu -- Bushwick, Brooklyn
Lyndell -- Civic Center
Lynley -- Prospect Heights, Brooklyn
Madison Square Park -- Flatiron District
Mala -- Upper East Side
Marc -- Upper East Side
Marie -- Lower East Side
Marine -- Harlem
Marshall -- Morningside Heights
Mattie -- Spanish Harlem
Maura -- Hamilton Heights
Maya -- Upper West Side
Megan -- East Harlem
Megan -- Flatbush, Brooklyn
Melinda -- Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn
Michael -- West Village
Michael -- East Harlem
Michele -- Lower East Side
Michelle -- Upper West Side
Mike M. -- Washington Heights
Mike M. -- Inwood
Mike W. -- Great Neck, NY
Mike Z. -- Jamaica, Queens
Miriam -- Kensington, Brooklyn
Muneesh - Financial District
Nadia -- Prospect Heights, Brooklyn
Natalie -- Park Slope, Brooklyn
Naturi -- Astoria, Queens
Neil -- Turtle Bay
Niko -- Harlem
Nontraditional Employment for Women -- Chelsea
Pam -- Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Patrick B. -- Hoboken, NJ
Patrick B. -- Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Patrick G. -- Lenox Hill
Pauline -- Turtle Bay
Phil -- Lenox Hill
Pooya -- Turtle Bay
Prospect Park -- Brooklyn
Public Plaza Arcade -- Midtown
Rachel E. -- Long Island City, Queens
Rachel G. -- Upper West Side
Rachel M. -- Stuyvesant
Rachel S. -- Lincoln Square
Renee -- Upper West Side
Rich -- Park Slope, Brooklyn
Rick -- Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Riverside Park -- Upper West Side
Rob -- Astoria, Queens
Robin K. -- Kensington, Brooklyn
Robin P. -- Battery Park City
Sam A. -- Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Sam G. -- Astoria, Queens
Sam & Sara -- Morningside Heights
Sandra -- Washington Heights
Sandy & Leslie -- Bushwick, Brooklyn
Sara -- Inwood
Sarah -- East Harlem
Sasha -- Williamsbridge, Bronx
Sean -- Chelsea
Seth -- Upper West Side
Shannon N. -- Upper West Side
Shannon S.-- Gowanus, Brooklyn
Shirley -- Boerum Hill, Brooklyn
Shiva -- Murray Hill
Sinead -- Park Slope, Brooklyn
Stacey O. -- Park Slope, Brooklyn
Stacey O. -- Crown Heights, Brooklyn
Stacey S. -- Clinton Hill, Brooklyn
Stephanie -- Bushwick, Brooklyn
Sunita -- Chelsea
Stuart & Naomi -- Upper West Side
Suzanne -- Yorkville
Tamara -- Roosevelt Island
Tara -- Park Slope, Brooklyn
Tiara -- Washington Heights
Tom -- Yorkville
Tompkins Square Park -- East Village
Toni -- Gramercy Park
Toy Museum of NY -- Brooklyn Heights
Ugur -- Bay Ridge, Brooklyn
Victoria -- Park Slope, Brooklyn
West End Lounge -- Upper West Side
Winter Garden Atrium -- Tribeca
Yelena -- Upper East Side
Zack H. -- Lincoln Square
Zack H. -- Upper West Side
Zack H. -- Upper West Side
Zack W. -- Upper East Side
Zell -- West New York, NJ
2A -- East Village
3B -- Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn