Zack Hample

Zack Hample's batting gloves

Batting gloves

Joe Orsulak

Like lineup cards, I always get batting gloves at the dugouts and usually receive them in pairs.

Chris Jones 

Most players ball them up and toss them into the crowd as one unit, but sometimes the gloves separate and fly several feet apart.

Dave Nilsson

Some guys intentionally toss a glove to one fan and then give the other to someone else.

Rondell White

This pair wins the Snazzy Award.

Mike Lowell 

Look how Lowell, then with the Marlins, taped two fingers together.

Jeromy Burnitz 

Yes, that's how to spell his first name.

Wes Helms, Part I

Players get all their equipment for free, so they sometimes give away batting gloves (and other items) that are still in great condition.

Wes Helms, Part II

Apparently, you don't need to be an All-Star to have your uniform number on your batting gloves—or "glove" as was the case here. Helms hooked me up with this one in 2008, three years after I snagged the pair above.

Will Rhymes

I got this glove in Baltimore after the final game of the 2010 season.

Unknown, Part I

On 6/21/11 at Fenway Park, someone on the Padres hooked me up with this batting glove, and to my surprise, there was a baseball tucked inside. I have no idea who gave it to me because it was randomly tossed up from below the dugout roof.

Jason Heyward

I love it when batting gloves have uniform numbers and/or special logos. This one has both. Click the image on the left for a closer look; I've photographed the front and back to fully capture the awesomeness.

Wil Nieves?

The Diamondbacks' equipment manager tossed these to me on 6/5/13 at Busch Stadium. I didn't get a chance to ask him who they belonged to, so I asked the fans standing near me, and someone said "Wil Nieves." True story.

Unknown, Part II

Another Fenway mystery: after Game 6 of the 2013 ALCS, someone on the Tigers tossed these up from inside the dugout. I have reason to believe it was Price Fielder.

David Buchanan

I got this pre-autographed glove in Philadelphia after the final game of the 2015 season.

Ezequiel Carrera

A rare bonus item from Yankee Stadium, courtesy of Blue Jays outfielder Ezequiel Carrera.

Willson Contreras

In August 2018, I filmed a promotional video with Willson Contreras at Wrigley Field. He surprised me at the end by handing me his batting gloves, and BTW, the video is amazing. Click here to watch it.