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Who am I?


My name is Zack Hample. Thanks for checking out my website. I’m a native New Yorker, published author, full-time YouTuber, world record holder, public speaker, people gatherer, charity fundraiser, writing group leader, former competitive Scrabble player, music freak, niche hobbyist, and infamous nerd. Conan O’Brien once called me “the worst man in America,” but screw him. Not everyone gets it.

I’m also a baseball superfan. That’s how most people know me. I’ve attended games at 57 different MLB stadiums and snagged more than 11,000 balls in the stands including Mike Trout's 1st career home run and Alex Rodriguez's 3,000th hit.

Over the years I’ve worked as a baseball instructor, a minor league groundskeeper, and a writer for Major League Baseball Advanced Media. Now, in addition to my YouTube channel, I help promote corporate sponsors and also run a business of taking people to baseball games. That’s called Watch With Zack and if we hit up a game together, I guarantee that we’ll catch at least one ball. (Yes, really.)

If you have a few minutes to spare, take a look at my TV reel by clicking the video thumbnail on this page. You can also read this especially good article about me, listen to this interview I did on NPR, and watch short documentaries about me here and here. Check out my photos and obnoxiously long FAQs. Skim through my fan mail to see how much everyone loves me — or watch this mean comments & tweets video to see what the haters are saying.

All of this stuff will give you a better idea of who I am, as will the rest of my site. Enjoy!