Zack Hample

Attend a baseball game with Zack Hample

 Want to attend a game with me?

I’ve taken hundreds of people to games since 2007. That’s when I started doing this as a business called “Watch With Zack,” and it’s always a great time. Not only will our adventures be filmed for YouTube, but I guarantee that we’ll catch at least one baseball.

Most people who join me for games are interested in collecting SOMEthing — if not baseballs, they like to get autographs, ticket stubs, or even souvenir soda cups. Other folks just want to hang out and ask questions about the rules, strategy, and history. And some want to do it all.

Will I join a whole group of kids for a birthday party or Bar Mitzvah? Will I take grown men to batting practice and teach them how to shout at Shohei Ohtani in Japanese? Will I run all over the stadium with you and find the craziest food and help make your Insta followers jealous of all the fun we’re having?

The answer is yes. We can do this at any professional baseball stadium in North America, so think big. If you'd like to know more, check out these frequently asked questions and let's get the process started!