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November 24, 2008

Been reading your blog for some time now but never comment. I enjoy how you journal and write about…whatever strikes your fancy. Your attention to seemingly insignificant details and sarcastic wit are perfect. It makes me smile. Keep up the good work.


November 21, 2008

Hey Zack –

Thanks, glad you liked it – and I really appreciate you helping us out, again. Incidentally, you must get Googled a lot . . . after posting that entry, the next two days we got a bazillion hits from it. Thanks for letting us use your success to our advantage!


November 12, 2008


Thank you for coming on to last Sunday's show. I really enjoyed talking with you. I have received numerous emails telling me how great of a guest you were and I would have to agree. I think if you want to talk baseball, talk with Zack Hample. Again thank you for coming on and I would love to have you on again (hopefully snagging that first HR at Citi Field).


October 28, 2008

Zack, I would really like to meet you and talk to you if you come to pittsburgh next season. I live here in pittsburgh and do a lot of ballhawking at pnc park. If you recieve this message please reply and we can talk about collecting baseballs.

From, Bryan  

October 23, 2008

so i saw you on jay leno...the first time...and was stunned. you are hands down the coolest kid on earth...besides me. lol
no but really...i just wanted to tell you that i was like totally amazed by your story...i did some research after i saw the show and have been talking about you ever since haha
are you going to any of the phillies home games? id like to meet you if you are down here i have tickets for monday. i dont want any of your balls or anything like actually just like to meet you.

-Nicole, age 25
Philadelphia, PA  

October 22, 2008

Hi Zack,

Just saw a rerun of your appearance on the Late Show. You have the most interesting hobby and are cute to boot! I, too, admire Cal Ripken, Jr., he is my all-time fave. However, I was raised and am one of the Chicago White Soxs' most dedicated fans:) I would be honored to meet up with you anytime you care to visit...

Chicago, IL  

October 22, 2008

im old/well older than YOU/i know YOU are str8 but i think you are so hot when you do that crazy dance-im not a big baseball fan but what YOU have done is pretty interesting

-Randy, age 47
Hickory, NC

October 20, 2008

You are my new found hero. I just bought both your books and am looking forward to next season so I can test out some of the things you talk about...Thank you so much for being an inspiration and actually being a nice enough guy to respond to your messages. I look forward to hopefully meeting you someday and can't wait for your next blog entry. talk to you later buddy.


October 9, 2008

Just wanted to say I saw you on Leno last night and you gave me a laugh and a smile which I really needed. You are so cute and just a pleasure to watch ... I wish you had been on longer. Keep making people happy.

-Sandy Melovic, age 61
Lockport, IL  

October 9, 2008

Zack, I just saw you on Leno. Great interview! I'll definitely be checking out your books. It's funny because, just a couple weeks ago, I saw you as the "dancing guy" who caught the home runs on PTI and on SportsCenter. I LUV YOU BRO! If you're EVER in the Cleveland area, hit me up. I'd LOVE to go to a game with you. I don't even really care about baseballs. I just think it'd be cool as hell to go to a game with you. Tickets would be on me and I'll show you and whoever you're with the stadium and the city.

-Joe, age 29
Akron, OH  

October 5, 2008

Hello Zack,

My name is Dennis and I am from Chicago. I'm 41 and a life-long White Sox fan. I've been reading your blog for the past two years. I know you know you are a great writer, but I tell you anyway, you are a great writer. Along with the photos you set the scene so well that I feel like I'm at the game. A great read!  

October 2, 2008

You inspire me. I have been working on learning your practices. I did come to that game with a Marlins hat and jersey, but was honestly too embarassed to put it on. The one sad thing to me is that it's seems as if you are no longer truly a Mets fan, or even a baseball fan, just a man on a mission. I am not trying to insult or take anything away from you, but it just seems hard to care about the game when you are so focused on getting balls. Please, tell me I'm wrong. Also, I hate friggin Shea, as I've always found it impossible to get into field level w/o a ticket. I know a secret or two of my own, since I worked there, but if those don't work, I have no idea what else to try. And how do you get out to SO many games; what do you do? I'm proud of tghe 40 games I attended this past year and you nearly doubled that.

Back to my original point though, you honestly do inspire me, and I've been telling everyone that would listen about you, and next year, I plan to go all out in every attempt to get baseballs.


October 1, 2008

well hello...saw you on the news and had to say you are a hottie - im sure you hear it all the time so it wont mean much, but had to be said...well i dont know what else to say to make myself seem less foolish, so maybe i will hear back from you :)

-Jenna, age 25
New York, NY

October 1, 2008

just wanted to say a few things
---First, nice catch and nice luck. I agree with your sentiment that you would never sell a baseball. I've also found it cool to think about how much one of my (signed) baseballs would be worth but it would be such a greedy thing to do if I actually sold one. I have a feeling if you were the type that sold off your baseballs, you would have stopped collecting them a long time ago. As a mets fan (although I realize you aren't really one), I would treasure that ball if I were you since it is the last HR at Shea (which will never be a dump in my eyes). Great catch.
-----Second, I love reading your blog. I think I discovered it either last year or the year before and it is definitely fun to follow even though I have no actual interest in going for batting practice balls or fouls or caring about commemoratives. You are definitely a bit obsessive over this but you obviously have fun with it and thats what makes it fun to follow your exploits. The player/Zack interactions are always fantastic to read and I think more people besides me have noted how nice/cool Heath Bell must be in real life (I wish we never traded him).
------Third, I was reading the comments posted on the yahoo article. I read earlier that you do not bother to read any comments on blogs or articles about yourself since there is alot of negativity. I just wanted to say that the comments made me pause and think a little. The negativity (about half or more of all the comments- the other half was just amazed at what you accomplished) was a little bewildering because they made no sense and had so much jealousy and hatred in their words. "get a girlfriend"- check, "get a job"- probably check, "how about you give some balls to kids!?"- check, and "this guys probably faking it, where's the proof that he really caught these?"- jesus christ just look at YES/SNY footage......I'm sure you've gotten past this a long time ago and don't care about this subject but I wanted to write that this one baseball fan here sees nothing wrong/selfish with what you do and thinks that if anything, you'll promote baseball culture with your passion and perhaps will inspire other kids to have their own ball-finding fun at a stadium. There are too many haters in this world.  

October 1, 2008

Hey Zack
I just finished reading your story on Yahoo.
Great read and I had a few questions for you, one what is your secret in being at the right place at the right time and two, when are you going to hire a staff to work games throughout the country. I would love to work for you. I am willing to learn from the guru (you) to reach the expectations of fans throughout the country.
Get back to me when you get a chance. Thank you for your time.

Falls Church, VA

October 1, 2008

i have seen you on ESPN and i had heard about your blog. I think it is amazing what you do and i think that this REALLY COOOOOOL  

October 1, 2008

Wow, Zack, truly remarkable. Just an update from the barren wasteland that is Arizona. I have befriended many of the ushers and security guards because as you know, the dbacks dont draw a very good crowd, and at batting practice, there are around 20 people in left or right field. After looking at the glove trick, in which I gave you complete acknowledgment, they found it genius and completely allow it. I'm not really a fan of using it on the warning track just in case, but when a ball goes into the bullpen, it is as good as mine :). I would just like to thank you for the inspiration and all the good reads and experiences. I can usually manage to get 5 or 6 balls per game, and have only you to thank!


October 1, 2008

You have proved that there really is a bit of "science" to snagging baseballs and you sir are the Professor.  

September 23, 2008

Dear Mr. Hample,
On Thursday 9/18/08 during batting practice at the Yanks game, you took your glove lower it with a string and retrieved a ball.  After you pulled it up you looked at my daughter and said, "did you get a ball today?" You proceed to give her the ball.  Thank you, you made her day and trip wonderful. Thank  you ,Take Care, Jim  

September 21, 2008

Hi Zack. Two days ago, I came across your website and watched some of the videos. I'm a huge baseball fan and have been going to games for about a 40 years period. In all that time, I never left the ballpark with a ball. After reading/watching your experiences, I decided that I would give your strategies a try on Saturday (yesterday). My wife and 10 month old daughter arrived at Coors Field when the gates opened for batting practice. To make a longer story short, I got a ball for my young daughter. If it was not for you, it would not have happened. At least not yesterday. Can't thank you enough. My wife and I signed the ball telling our daughter we loved her and it will be a HUGE treasure for her during her lifetime. THANKS AGAIN!!!!!


September 19, 2008

hey zack,
my name is joe, a long time yankee fan from long island, ny.  on thursday september 18th i attended my final game ever at yankee stadium.  my whole life i've wanted nothing more than a ball from the house that ruth built to keep as memory of my youth, and my whole life i've been incredibly unsuccessful!  and now with the stadium closing my desire had grown 10 fold.  i had never heard of you or any of your work before, but my brother is an advid reader of your material and swears by your methods.  well, needless to say he gave me a few tips that he had learned from you and within a matter of minutes my girlfriend and i had both snagged balls!  so i just wanted to say that we're now both 100% believers in hample and we think what you do is amazing. so thanks for the help and maybe we'll see you at opening day '09.  September 19, 2008

hey zack my names mikey and im 14....I live in MA... ive been reading your blog forever but get this...... IVE NEVER BEEN TO A MAJOR LEAGUE GAME! I know, the only way to stay alive your blog, espn and! :)
I just wanted to send u this email to let u know u have (yet another) fan in me! I really admire what you've done, and wish i could live the life your leading... (sigh)...  

September 19, 2008

YOU inspire me
you're just like any other guy out there, but you aren't afraid of expressing your love of Baseball.  

September 19, 2008

Hey Zack
Just wanted to reach out to you and say WOW ---- I picked up your first book via ebay last year after reading something somewhere and was amazed at your collection and skills at getting a ball.  Now, today, you pop up again and grab 2 HR balls -- amazing
I am a collector of autographs and usually request them of players but your feats have stunned me and I would I like to obtain your signature if that is something that you are willing to do
I have a custom index card of a baseball that I send out and if you provide an address I will not share it with anyone
Thanks for your time and continued good luck in your baseball snagging quest
Take Care

September 18, 2008

Hey Zack,
Not sure if you remember me.. I am the cricket player from Australia who secured your tips for snagging a ball on my recent trip to New York (got back to Australia two weeks ago – got to see two games in NY).  I got home from cricket training today and put the replay of the latest Yankees game on ( and see you take a screamer out in the bleachers! Not only that, it was your second in two days, great work!
Was going to email you a week ago to thank you for your tips, we did indeed get a ball on our trip to Yankee Stadium and had a blast. Photo included.
Looking forward to reading your blog entry for your latest snag. Can you make it three in a row?
Ryan Broad  

September 16, 2008

Loved the Cabbage Patch tonight on Giambi's homer.
Remember, I live here in the SF Bay Area, but with DISH Network I was able to record the game on Channel 9. Sure enough, when Giambi hit the homer, I see you in the "Baseball Is Life" shirt making an awesome grab. Channel 9 replayed your catch - not so much Giambi's homer - about 3-4 times. They also zoomed in on you dancing, commented on your shirt, showed you on the cell phone shortly after the catch, and then went to the commercial break at the end of the inning with you dancing. Hilarious. Loved it!
You are THE man!

September 14, 2008

Hello Zack, nice to meet you...first off, please take 15 minutes to read ahead:

Yesterday I wanted to see the most updated pictures of the new Citi Field and clicked on "images" on google search...i enlarged a pic with a guy on his back looking at the so happened i entered your "photos" link on your i began seeing other pictures i was amazed at the number of ballparks these guy has been...practically every single one of them! i then told my girlfriend to see with me how organized these guy had everything: the pictures by year, the common sitting in front of the dugout picture (that would be a "picture that relates" for me), etc. Then i saw your website, saw some videos on youtube, your blog, the comments, the! i know for some people this means nothing, you must receive a lot of "get a life" mail but for me: i understand, i am somewhat of a stat freak myself! sometimes i wonder if there are other people like me, and i know there are, but doing all the excel lists, powerpoint presentations on the most random things, that's something else.

it was funny because as i was reading your "about me" comments I got so identified with so many things...i also get obsessed with things i collect or that i frequently do. i've opened (and then closed) a bank account for less than 2 weeks just to keep the ATM card (i collect debit & credit cards, ticket stubs, airline tickets, concert stubs, etc.) i keep track of all my pool games with friends (3,911 games so far since '96...767 games in '03 is my "most games by month" column I see it like the RBI by year...5 straight over a 100 in '04 started the "slump" and in '05 my injury season...jeje) i've attached the excel document just to give you and idea. please keep it to yourself since i'm not used to give away any of my personal stats...i just want you to see i do things like you too.

i also keep track when playing domino with friends, UNO...i have a list with all my trips and highlights, theme parks & attractions, rock concerts & bands, dvd's i own, movies i've seen, credit cards transactions, car expenses, work's total hours (i can tell you that by may '08 i've worked in 1,743 days, 11,818 hours (that's 6.8 hr/day excluding the no pay lunch hour) in 6 official jobs (employers with paycheck) i work for the 2nd biggest bank in Puerto Rico.

baseball has always been my favorite sport, i played from age 12 to 14...i was pretty good but i had a wrist injury that kept me off...and then when pitchers got harder, i never keep the intensity level needed to do a good at-bat. now i play softball with friends at work and i'm doing pretty good. just today (actually, 3 hours ago!) i batted my 2nd HR ever (out of the park), 310 feet to left-center and it was beautiful!!! the greatest feeling in the world! i never played after 14 and just last year we started playing regularly at work...i've batted a couple of inside the park, but out of the park just 2 now. i'm also root more for a player than a 1st favorite player was frank thomas (21st 500HR member!) because he was having such perfect since the "brad lidge blast", albert pujols is my main man!!! i was bumped when he got 99 runs last year; he is amazing! i went to st. louis last year to see STL-SF series, no HR for him or Mr. Bonds (he would have hit #752...and i was like "i would have seen just the 2nd guy in MLB history to hit a 752 HR" but didnt happened) at least i can say he hit his milestone exactly one month after i saw him. hey, congratulations for your 724!
other interesting stats: looking forward to Howard's #200K and ANOTHER 200 hit season for Ichiro (how ironic his record breaking 262 hit season is also his lowest runs in a season...that says a lot about the team and the batters ahead of him!).

i have a facebook page that you might check it out for a minute or two. i have a STAT COLUMN that i'm still waiting for someone to say "hey, cool stuff" nobody really gives a crap! also check out the group "i'm obsessed with the number 21" jeje, i am!

i've been to 17 games in 9 different stadiums...when the expos played here i got the chance to see 17 games in the 2 '04 i saw 8 WBClassic games and, of course, looking extremely forward for '09 series. it would be nice you came you probably noticed getting balls in Hiram Bithorn Stadium is pretty easy...the park is small and getting the players to throw you a ball or two is no problem. it would be great to meet you...just let me know.

I believe I read somewhere that one of these days is your birthday (today?)...anyways Congrats!. Mine will be on September 21st (next Sunday) and i'm going to celebrated big by going to the Yankees Stadium's last game! I'm not a Yankee fan though, i'm going because "it's going to be legendary!" (as barney in how i met your mother would say). jeter the "3 hits away to be the all time best yankee hitter in yankee stadium", future HR king A-Rod, thousands of dollars seats (the highest is $999,999 on StubHub, that's crazy!) all on Sept. 21st!

so yeah, we are virgos for sure.

hope i can hear from you soon, and congratulations on your books, your tv appearances, your interviews, your webpage...everything! nice knowing you.

-Gustavo, age 28
San Juan, Puerto Rico

September 3, 2008

Dear Zack,

We're still basking in the memories of our baseball adventures in New York. The blogs were fantastic. You captured the essence of the experience, on both the macro and micro level. Many of our friends and family enjoyed the blogs and several were quite envious of our adventures.

We wanted to send you this picture of us and our loot as a big thank you for everything. We'll never forget this trip and you made it very special.

Thank you,

Evan, Hailey and Mark
Watch With Zack clients on 8/25/08 at Shea and 8/26/08 at Yankee  

September 1, 2008

Hey Zack-

I wanted to thank you. I met you in July at Yankee Stadium and since then I've been reading your blog. Last weekend I went to Boston for a Red Sox game and was determined to snag my first ball ever. My family had no interest in showing up early for batting practice so I figured my best chance would be to get 3rd out balls. At the end of the bottom of the first inning Ken Griffey Jr. caught a fly ball and I made my way down to the White Sox dugout. Nobody else made any attempt to get the ball and Griffey tossed it to me. The whole section applauded which was kind of weird since I didn't do anything special but it was cool. For the rest of the game every time a third out was made it seemed like every kid in the stadium would rush to the dugout to get the ball which was hilarious. Anyway thanks for all the tips


September 1, 2008

I have been reading your blog all summer. I'd have to say that you have inspired me. I am no longer happy with getting only one ball at batting practice. My kids are into it too! I take my five and seven year old's to the game and we try to see how many balls we can get. I have used your strategy of wearing the visiting teams hats during their batting practice; it hasn't worked for me but it has worked great for my kids. The three of us will be there tonight 9/1 at Dodger stadium. I am looking forward to seeing you in action.


August 30, 2008

I've been a fan of this great game since the day I was born. It has always been a dream for me to catch a ball at a baseball game. I started reading your blog in June of this year and became very interested. The more I read the more I wanted to catch a ball. When I went to a Mets game on August 19 I caught a foul ball by Chipper Jones during batting practice. Even though it was a Training ball I was still excited. I thank you for all of your great blogs. I' am a Yankee fan at heart but one day I hope to come to a game with on opening day in the New Yankee Stadium. When tickets go on sale I hope to contact you and go to the New Yankee Stadium and catch a few commemorative ball. Thanks again. Keep on writing those blogs.  

August 26, 2008

I've never snagged a major league baseball. Never tried. But I am going to 2 more games at Shea Stadium, and you have inspired me to get myself a ball before Citi Field opens. Thank you.  

August 6, 2008


I just went to my first game since reading about your tips and tricks... GOOD NEWS! I snagged 2 balls (tying my record) and got Garrett Olson to sign an autograph at last night's Angels/Orioles game. Thanks for putting up such great stuff!

BTW, my fiancee just bought me your new book as a birthday present. Can't wait to start reading.  

August 3, 2008

The boys had a terrific time!! I hope it was not too, too late when you got home. All through the week I have asked them what their favorite activity was. By Saturday morning, hands down, it was the ball game! Thank you for all you did to make the experience such a great one for all of us! Lars' dad said, "I've gone to 100 or so games and you go to your first one and get a ball!" Actually I check with his mom he did go to two or three Cincinnati games before he was 6 when he moved here.

We are all still feeling the excitement and I go over to Lars' house for some birthday cake in about an hour. What a birthday!!

Watch With Zack client on 8/1/08 at Fenway Park  

July 30, 2008

just got home from the met, marlins game. i got there pretty late (parents had to work) but still came away with a pedro feliciano signed ticket and A DUANER SANCNHEZ TOSSED BALL. I used a tip of yours: ask in spanish. It helped. Thank You

Miami, FL  

July 20, 2008

Hey zack. I have been reading your blog for a while now and have been learning alot of tips from you. Well, I finally got to try out my skils tonight at Turner Field against the Nationals. I got a ball from the a Nationals Pitcher and it was my first ever MLB ball. And would you know it, it was a Nationals Inagural Season Ball for the new stadium. I couldnt believe it. Thanks for everything!

-Drew, age 16
Dublin, GA

July 17, 2008

Really great ideas and dedication, sir. I just recently started reading up on your exploits and how can anyone not be impressed? I'm heading to an Angels game in Anaheim soon. Any tips for snaggin' there? Special spots, generous players/coaches, etc.? Thanks for the work you've done to inspire this collector... and many others, I'm sure. And best of luck!!!  July 12, 2008

Hey, this is the 1st time ever that I left a comment on your page and I'm here to thank you Zack Hample for telling me about the secret of being in the loge level during batting practice (even though they decided to cancel it because it was a day game following a night game that had huge rain delays) because i got my first ever major league baseball that i asked Guy Conti for and he gave it to some other guy to throw up to me and I barely caught it. It was a Shea Stadium commemorative ball.  

July 4, 2008

Hey whats up Zack?
Good here man, I have a question for you, I'm a big fan of your story from the start, and I was wondering, is there any way, I can get a autograph from you? I collect everything, and it would be awesome if I can get your autograph, so if you can send me a address and i'll get to it asap! THanks!


July 4, 2008

Zack - my daughter and I spoke with you before the game just after you bought your ticket...This was my daughter’s first time at Yankee Stadium and as a result of meeting you and your karma; we got a ball using your glove trick. If you look at the picture you posted of the guy using the cup trick, I am the guy to his left in the light blue shirt and my daughter is to my right in the pink Yankee hat. You asked us if we brought our gloves and as you can see, we both did.

Just before you took that photo, I tried using the glove trick on that ball, but in my haste of setting it up, I didn’t put in the block of wood very securely into my glove (I use a 6 inch piece of 1x1 wood instead of a Sharpie because my glove is old and Sharpies kept slipping out). With my glove on the string, I had moved the ball closer to me and the wall, but unfortunately the piece of wood fell out onto the warning track after I tried to get the ball in the glove. I was fuming. I didn’t have a spare piece of wood - I had forgotten them at home. I didn’t have anything else to hold my glove open. I was kicking myself for being so close to getting a ball and using the glove trick but not setting it up properly. I also knew that I wouldn’t be able to use the glove trick for the rest of batting practice because I had nothing to prop my glove open with. Then the Zack karma came into play. The player from the Rangers who was shagging in right field came over to the guy using the cup trick and actually shoved the ball up into the cup for him. As he did so, I politely asked him to hand me back my piece of wood, which thankfully he did. I was back in business! About 5 minutes later, another ball rolled directly below us and with the block of wood securely in place, I dropped the glove on the ball and in 2 seconds I had reeled in a commemorative ball in pristine condition. About 10 seconds later, an on-field security guard told me I wasn’t allowed to use the glove trick any more. But so what……we had a commemorative ball that had been hit just once! No other balls were hit near us or tossed near us for the rest of BP. During the game, A-Rod’s home run went up the tunnel, just out of reach from our seats. When we got home, we got to see ourselves on Sportscenter reaching for A-Rod’s home run ball.

So to recap the game:

- 2 Tickets: $110.00
- Food & drinks: $32.00
- Stuffed pink Yankee monkey: $20.00
- Parking: $17.00 (what a rip-off!)
- Meeting Zack, successfully using Zack’s glove trick, snagging a brand new commemorative ball and being with my daughter while watching the Yankees win 18-7 at her first trip to Yankee Stadium and then seeing ourselves on Sportscenter……priceless.

-Gate 6 Reader
Bronx, NY

July 3, 2008

Hey Zack(My Role Model),

My name is Anthony and i'm a big Phillies fan. I'm going to Phillies-Mets game the 4th of July weekend and I was wondering if you are going to be there. If you are, send me an e-mail and tell me where you are going to be sitting so I stop and say hi to the most awsomest person in the world.....YOU!!!!! Hope to see you there! :]

Your biggest fan,

P.S. I'm going to be at batting practice.

July 3, 2008


July 3, 2008

I stumbled upon your page,, purely by accident. I was googling something entirely different, but I wanted to let you know I was completely taken in by your page. I began looking at a few of the recent photos you posted (the ones with the catchy titles such as "My Teeth" and "Teasing a Dead Animal") and by the time worked my way back to "Up to the Ceilin' and up to the Sky", I was in tears.

You have created a beautiful story of your life through these pictures -- well done. Thanks :)  

June 29, 2008

I must say, you have a hella cool website. I enjoyed all your pics, what a fun life you're leading. Im jealous!

-Los Angeles, CA

June 28, 2008

hey zack:) i just read your article on yahoo news. never heard ofyou before but i thought that was pretty cool how u can beg for a baseball in 32 different languages:) but besides that i saw ur pic and ure a complete hottie....:)

-Michelle, age 26
New Orleans, LA  

June 26, 2008

Hello ZACK,
You are truly Awesome.

I ran across your Blog as I was reading up on shagging balls, and getting autographs, because…… I am traveling to Shea this weekend from Kansas for a bucket list trip,(not that I am going to Die or anything). Just something I would like to do before Shea is retired. Mets are my team.

Anyhow, If you get this and you might be at Shea on Saturday, I would really like to meet you Just to shake hands I think your story from 6-23 was really cool and I will probably start reading your stuff more often.

Wichita, KS  

June 19, 2008

Thx again for the autographs, was very nice of you and you really made my kids day.

Denver, CO

June 11, 2008

I have only been to 11 Major League games in my life. But one of them was last year at Coors and I saw Griffey hit a HR. You may remember I posted last year that I finally got my first baseball, with your help. You told me that my goal this year was to double that. Well my brother and I recently went to the Cardinals/Pirates series in St. Louis. He has never got a MLB ball and I had the one. We used every trick and lesson that we have read on your blog. We both just wanted one each in a four game series. We are still in shock!! I got 5 and he got 4!! He has been practicing the glove trick for months and he got 3 balls using it...Thanks again for your blog and love of baseball. My brother and I just can't tell you how much that trip meant and snagging the 9 baseballs. Keep up the good work and I wish you luck in all you do!

-Jim, age 40
Price, UT  

June 10, 2008

Hey man whats up ummm i am just emailing you to let you know i actually got my first ball at Yankee stadium sunday june 8th during battung practice and i used all of your tips and they worked and i am just thanking you for heliping me by putting tips on your site so thank you


June 9, 2008


I finally broke into the double digit in one game club. Snagged (13) on Fri night at the COPA vs. Clev. I was not able to go for any foul balls during the game as I was sitting in my season seats in the upper deck w/ my dad. Count for the season is up to (94)...Having a blast implementing the "Hample Snag Process"

Detroit, MI

June 8, 2008

Thank you for all the fun and the things you taught me yesterday. I still cant believe I was lucky to meet you. I hope I have the chance to sit with you again soon. My Mom will send the pictures, and my brothers say thank you. I will buy your new book as soon as I come back from Colombia.
Your good friend

-Alejandro, age 8
Miami, FL  

June 6, 2008

Hi Zack,

Travis and I enjoyed meeting you in Philadelphia on Monday night June 2. It was fun to talk to you and receive additional tips on snagging baseballs. Travis ended up collecting 5 baseballs at the Phillies game, and gave 1 away. We took your advice about Yankee Stadium when we went to the Yankees/Blue Jays game on June 3. We entered at Gate 6, and came away with 2 baseballs during Batting Practice. Even I snagged one of the 2!!! We were hopeful of getting a Yankees Final Season ball from the Ump, but we weren't lucky. Travis was "bummed" about that!

Great to meet you in person, and continued best of luck to you. We are going to an Astros/Cardinals game in Houston on Saturday night. We have some Astros B/P balls that are marked with the "H". I hope we get some Cardinal baseballs!

Good luck to you, and I hope to see you again in the future.


Tyler, TX  

May 10, 2008

hi zack, I have only gone to 1 game this year and snagged 1 ball, thanks to your tips...i actually had a dream about u a couple days ago and dreamn't that I met you and you taught me how to snag at game. lol, just a little thing.

-Sanjib, age 14
Chicago, IL  

May 10, 2008

I went to Shea last night for the rain delay...After Oliver Perez was throwing for 15 minutes (?) he threw that ball up to me. I would've never attempted to get it if it wasn't for this MLBLOG of yours I read. I go to the ballpark for the game more than wanting to get a game ball but, after I read every entry you've posted, my 19 year old mind has been inspired. But don't worry. I collect ticket stubs more than game balls haha. Thanks man.

-Donnie, age 19
Kenilworth, NJ  

May 5, 2008

Hey ! whats upp?? Well let me tell you something... my name is carter r . and i am 12 years old... and i live in kansas city!!! The royals suck, and they probably always willl, but that is not why i am e mailing you!
I was on youtube and i searched "baseball" I saw a video and it looked cool!!! IT WAS YOU! You where with that kid at the athletics BP,,, I have been searching for the last 3 days non-stop all about your facts you talked about, and im even gona buy your books very soon. This is probably the millionth e-mail you have read today that is the exact same as all the rest. But i really want to learn more about snagging balls! It all stated this morning when i made THE GLOVE TRICK! I thought it was such a great invention! I came right home from school today, and showed my mom how it worked!
I even showed her all of you videos on youtube , and i convinced her to take me to the red sox(my fav team)vs. the royals BP
The game is not till august, but it will no doubt be one of the best experiences of my life, and i could have never convinced her with out your videos!!!
My goal is to get a ball from DAVID ortiz and MANNY ramirez...
i am gona try to ask them in spanish too !!!!!!..... DAME LA BOLA POR FAVOR........!!!!!!!! 
Man i wish i could meet you some day ,,,, i want you to know that there a lot of kids who look up to you and you are a great blogger too........

May 2, 2008


I just wanted give a shout and let you know that I have really enjoyed reading your blog for the last year or so. I go to a ton of games at coors field every year and try to make it a point of of getting to bp at least a few times every season. I have some great home run area seats for tomorrows game and I'm going to try the glove trick a bit tomorrow, wish me luck!


April 28, 2008

I have been reading your blog for over a year now and I have read every word. After discovering it, I went back and read the archives and seldom go a day without checking for an update...My wife and I enjoy collecting baseballs as well and have our own little competition going. Unfortunately (or fortnunately) her cute/hotness factor has her slightly ahead of me since we started three years ago.

Hilliard, FL  

April 28, 2008

Well done on the trip to Disney. I'm sure I can speak for all of us who read the blog, that we appreciate the quickness that you were able to post about the games. They are always entertaining and like most people that have already commented, I laughed at the first pic as well.

Orem, UT  

April 24, 2008

Hi Zack.... Just wanted to let you know that it was great meeting you in person finally. I had a good time hanging out off and on throughout the game...You were a lot different in person than I thought you would be. That's a good thing by the way. See you tomorrow.

Leigh, age 40
San Diego, CA  

April 17, 2008

Great stuff! I know that you share your information with other baseball enthusiasts as I have witnessed this in some of your posts and video clips...Thanks for passing on your treats to others-and especially leaving some of those treasures for the youngsters.  April 16, 2008

Congratulations on reaching the 3,000 Ball Club (during the streak) and also for the 500 Consecutive Games With A Ball Club, and obviously for the 28 record...For anyone who wonders why it's a good thing to swipe baseballs off the field, just consider that you have a legion of followers now who are buying tickets to be at Major League games. It's all good. I think a club oughta just save you the trouble and present you with a box of 29 variety baseballs at a future game.

-Mark Newman/
New York, NY  

April 15, 2008

Wow Zack I can't believe it! 28 ball is simply amazing and that's why you're the best there is. There has to be a place in the Guiness Book of Records and Baseball Hall of Fame for you. PS....the bookstores are still hiding your books and so I'm still having to move them to better spots where everyone can see ;)

-Mike, age 26
Albuquerque, NM  

April 14, 2008

OH MY GODDDDD!!! This is the single most incredible thing I've ever read in my life!! Every second was more gripping than the last. At one point, I had to slow myself down from reading too fast. I'm talking about ME, and I wasn't even within 300 miles of the place, but it felt like I was there. You are one incredible b--a--s--t--a--r--d! (I mean that in the best of ways.) CONGRATS! (I am so pumped right now, just from reading your entry.) I can't believe how awesome this ballpark sounds. (And it really does look like Nationals Park is a Citizens Bank clone.) Speaking of which, I can't wait to go there tomorrow. I'm going to try to break double-digits, which seems really easy right about now... Anyway, congrats on essentially clinching a victory in our little season-long competition. It was fun while I still had a chance.

Greg, age 18
New York, NY  

April 10, 2008

zack, awesome site. just happened on it today and am hooked. i also enjoy the thrill of snagging baseballs at games. sometimes i can't enjoy the actual game until i've already got one.


December 2, 2007

Dear Zack,

I am not sure if this is actually the Zack Hample that collects the thousands of baseballs but I read a couple articles about you and I find them very interesting and cool, and I am glad to see there is some one that has a love for the game of baseball as I do. I myself collect baseballs, mostly autographed. But I also bought off of Ebay last year an Alex Rodriguez Home Run ball. It was his # 317 of his career, with the Texas Rangers. It has a letter of authenticity from Elite Sports. And indeed says it is his # 317 Home Run ball. I have the box score with it and the Arod Road to 500 card of it too. It is really neat and I just wanted to share that with you ! And it would be cool to hear back from you !

Well, All the best and Happy Holidays......... Nino  

October 7, 2007

ive read every single word of every entry you've written atleast 3 times, i love it...its to the point where my family is watching a met game at shea and every foul ball we say, " i bet zack got that one"...or every 3rd ball you dont stop reading this, im just going to end by saying i respect what you do and the passion you have (im a writer myself-school sports section!!)...


October 1, 2007

this was my 1st year reading your blog, and finally meeting you, and it helped my snagging start and take off. not to mention the excitement of reading your new adventures every day at the ballpark. thanks, its been good.

-Gary, age 14  

September 12, 2007

Hey Zack,

just wanted to drop you a note to say it was nice to finally meet you Friday night at the Astros game. I was the guy from New Jersey who was with you for a bit in the RF loge trying to get a ball. My son was there also. I introduced you to my nephew in LF later. We each ended up getting one ball.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that I really love getting to the ballpark early to take it all in and get a ball. I have also had the chance to meet a lot of ballplayers. It is a great hobby, this snagging, business. I have had a great time doing it the past 2 season. Mainly because of you. You are a great writer and the stories on your blog are really interesting. Don't stop and don't let any critics get to you.

My son (Patrick) was hoping you would mention him in your blog after meeting him Friday. Don't worry about it. He is a great kid but really shy and has trouble asking for balls himself. He thought itwas cool meeting you.

Good luck with the book and I hope we cross paths again.

Your snagging compadre


PS Patrick says to tell you HI  

August 9, 2007

Hey Zack,

I was just reading your blog on because I saw this newscast of you and I thought that you looked extremely familiar. So I found your website, and I read the blog of the game that you went to last year on June 14, 2006, it was the Phillies vs. Mets. I read the entire blog and I was in shock. That is how I remember you, during batting practice you were right next to me the whole time, and when you got that ball with the Ashburn Alley logo on it, I was the person that told you what that meant. I could'nt believe it when I read that this morning, hopefully I will see you soon, and I'm going to the game tomorrow (8/10/07). Phillies vs Braves. I'm a huge fan of you and i hope that you remember me.

Lehigh Valley, PA  

July 15, 2007

Hey Zack. I've read your latest book and loved it and i'm looking for How to Snag Major League Baseballs but can't find it anywhere. But i have watched so many videos of you and read so much about you and you are my idol. i tell people that and they think im wierd but who cares. im not wierd.... i think. just joking. my mom and i were watching the homerun derby when Morneau hit the homerun. instantly, my mom and i were both like "thats zack hample!!!". my mom is (i hope) working on getting to go to a game with you and me.

-Clif, age 13
Tenafly, NJ  

June 26, 2007

Zack, thanks to your blog, and tips below, I was able to snag a ball for my son, Colin. One of my lifelong goals was to get an MLB game-used ball, and it came on the perfect day--Father's Day with my dad and 2-year-old. (See attached.)

Better yet, it was tossed to us by none other than Ryan Howard. Now that I see how easy it is, I look forward to passing the tips along to Colin when he's old enough to understand.

Thanks again.


June 24, 2007

I really enjoy reading your blog, and it played a major part in inspiring my current goal of getting a bucket (35-50) balls for my former high school team by seasons end. Though I only average about one ball per game, I am well on my way. Thanks.


June 22, 2007

I've been reading your blog and it's really so much fun. Your love of the game is infectious and every entry is worth reading. All the stuff about Bonds' 724th is especially amazing. The more I think about it, the more I want to tell you I think you are a hero and an inspiration. The game needs more people like you- who can help the next generation fall in love with baseball for life. I got to thinking about the impact you've already had on kids who will cherish their game balls. Balls they may not have had a chance at without your help. I know you are working on a revision to your first book and I really hope you can get it back in print. Good luck with that.

-Ethan, age 30
New York, NY  

June 22, 2007

I've been enjoying your blog. Thanks for sharing your wisdom for all of us who have just longed to go home with just 1 ball after a game!

I grew up in Chicago (go Cubbies!) but moved out to Australia because of work. I can't wait to go back to the US ballparks to try out your suggestions.


June 7, 2007

I recently discovered your blog, and I think it is awesome. Ever since I started reading I have now been trying to snag balls at every game I attend. I used to think it was so hard, but after reading about how many you get ive been able to get a few here and there.

-Chris, age 19
Rutherford, NJ  

June 6, 2007

Hi Zack, I've been reading your site for about a year now, and have enjoyed your love of baseball and stories. I have never in my life got a ball, even at minor league games, but I went on vacation to Denver this past weekend, used your tips, and got my first ball ever at batting practice. It was an official Major League Ball and it is now proudly displayed in a case in my living room! Thanks for the tips on here, it paid off so nice for me.

-Jim, age 39
Price, UT  

June 2, 2007

Dear Mr. Zack- Thanks for making our first Yankee game memorable. Thanks for the great tips! My daddy got three balls for his three boys. We only need one more for our little sister. We enjoyed hearing you talk about your passion for baseball and all the great places it's taken you. Hopefully we'll meet up again :-) 

Your friends,
Owen and Ethan  

May 29, 2007

Just started reading your blog a few weeks back. I am not much of a collector (I have 7 career balls) but still like reading your stories.

Pittsburgh, PA  

May 1, 2007

You are a genius! Your method of snagging balls at batting practice totally worked for me. I used a modified method - instead of a glove, pen and rubber band - I was able to use a cup, roll of tape and very long string. I managed to get them into Yankee Stadium. I managed to pick up five balls - day one! My son (9) was so excited - he started to hand balls out to the kids around him. He kept two and even managed to get one signed by Reggie Jackson as he was leaving the parking lot.


April 22, 2007

Hi zack, this is Darby from Lafayette ,Indiana.I'm 11 years old and a huge fan of yours.I read your blog every week.Its neat how you know were to get all the baseballs at. I havent gotten to read your books yet.Your glove trick is awesome.I think its a good idea to have both teams hats at a ballgame.I find it interesting how you get all of your balls.Good luck at the home run derby.I would like to know if there's batting practice at minor leauge baseball games.I have started a used baseball collection of my own.I have also caughten a puck.Well I've gotta go know.Bye  

April 21, 2007

Hey Zack my name is Ryan and I live in Northern Kentucky right next to GreatAmerican ballpark. I am a big fan of yours and saw you on the CBS evening news. I go to GABP several times a year and just last week I broke my old record of 7 baseballs with 11 on April 17 against the brewers. I just wanted to say what's up and keep doing what you are doing.
Write me back if you can.  

April 3, 2007 

My snagging starts on April 9 vs. Philly, and I'm only 8. I, thanks to you, caught 15 balls at games last year  

March 29, 2007

Hey zack...wish I could have been able to make it to the book signing..would have been cool to meet ya. Plans got changed unfortunately! I was looking thru you site and photos and all and I noticed that ASHBURN ALLEY baseball that you got at Citizens Bank park..thats awesome. WOW. I never knew about those baseballs...never saw them. i am a huge Phillies fan but we don't get down to the park much any more as we have a indy league team here (lancaster Barnstormers) and we have season tickets for them. I get quite a few batting practice baseballs from them...I collect autographs and I stand outside in the parking lot during bp and shag the ones that come out over the rf wall (its a short porch...300". Those baseballs are nothing special...just plain ones marked with LAN in black sharpie. some nights i bring in about 10 of them....very often I toss them back to the grounds guy! I currently have 115 714 minor league games attended...i do get my share of foul balls and balls given to me by the players..etc etc. I catalog them all in a notebook..where I got them, who hit them, (if I know) what type of baseball things like that..I also put a small bit of tape on them below the logo that I number...each one in accordance to the number in the notebook. Then I keep running track by League /city etc. Not as massive a job as it would be for you but still fun to do. Wish i still had the energy to try out your methods but hey..I've done ok for myself. zKeep up the great work on the website and the blog..i really love reading it. I am looking forward to reading you latest book..I just wish I had a copy of the first there any chance it is in another printing? thanks and looking forward to more of your antics.

-Amy, age 48
Lancaster, PA  

February 1, 2007

hey i just wanted to e-mail to let u know that you were my first memory from my first mets game i was about 6 or 7 and it was during BP you caught a ball and gave it to me...thanks so much that was my first game and my first used OMLB..i just thought i would let u know this ttyl

-Domenick, age 16
Norwalk, CT  

January 6, 2007

Hey Zack,

I just saw some clips of you on You Tube, and they give me lots of ideas. I have never got a major league baseball. Last year I went to a total of 13 games and I got no baseballs. Now that I heard of your tips they can help me get baseballs. I really like your hobby and I wish to collect baseballs too with my dad. I was wondering on 1 of your videos I saw you holding a sheet with pictures of the players and I think some names on the back of the sheet. What is that for ? I was also wondering do you got any tips of ways to get baseballs at Rogers Centre?


Toronto, Canada  

September 13, 2006

As a dad of a 10yr old who has used your techniques to snag his 1st baseball at a major league game...THANK YOU

Chicago, IL  

August 31, 2006

Zack are you going to tommorow night's game at Yankee Stadium vs. the Twins. Please please please please please can you go!!! I will be there and I want to meet you!!!!  

August 22, 2006

I thought you were an obsessed whacko at first, but appreciate your passion, and respect how you educate your competition.

Philadelphia, PA  

June 2, 2006

I think your blog is fascinating on many levels. I never really cared much about getting balls at games, but there I was at Shea last week lungng over a rail just to grab one. Unfortunately, all I came away with was a bruised right knee- I think I need a little more practice. But, the only reason I felt emboldened to try to get one was because of your blog. Last month I was able to get one for my 7 year old nephew by employing a liitle inspiration I got from your blog---I complemented Tony Pena into tossing me one. Boy, was my nephew impressed. Passion is infectious, whatever the subject matter, and you exude passion through your ball collecting tales. You're also a very provocative storyteller and that's what I enjoy most. Keep on collecting Collecta, 3000 is on the way.

-Carl, age 32
New York, NY  

May 13, 2006

Just wanted to send a quick note saying, Keep doing what you're doing. I read one of your recent posts about the haters ("begging for balls") and they are full of it. It's no ones business to tell you what is the "right" way to have a collection. I personally think it's great that you have this hobby and that you use all your methods to obtain baseballs. Not to sound like a suck up but I'm a huge fan of MLB and the Mets so I understand how much fun it must be when I read up on your own personal fan/player interactions. Keep up the good work and stay with it.  

November 17, 2005

I just wanted to say hey and I love reading your blog. I discovered it yesterday and have been reading all I can. I love it. This is what I love about going to a game. I collect autographs and try to get balls. I am not as much of a diehard as you are but man, you are encouraging me to become one. Problem is I am 38 and have 2 little kids I have to watch. Hard to run and grab a ball and keep up with the 2 and 3 year old. They tend to slow you down a little. Keep up the writing. I love it.  

October 16, 2005

i am extremly impressed with your collection im 14 years old im almost where u stand just kidding. but im not bad ive caught about 25 thanks for your tips.


September 24, 2005

Ive been following your blog almost daily since April... this season has been much more fun because of your advice and insight on ball snagging that we can all try. Keep it up!


August 31, 2005

Thanks for the tips. I loved coming back to read about myself on your website... very cool.

-Lars, age 17
Seattle, WA  

August 30, 2005

I recently came across your website on I am a Southern Californian Red Sox fan, having lived there for 5 years before moving west. I am truly inspired by your hobby, and find it amazing how you could catch so many baseballs in all the games you go to. I recently went to my second baseball game on August 20th, Red Sox vs. Angeles in Anaheim, and I caught a ball! This ball was not from batting practice, because it was a day game after a night game, so I very happy. This ball was hit by Chone Figgins, and when the ball came my way, it first hit the light board, bounced off of it onto the ground, and then I chased it down the stairs 4 more rows, until it got stuck in a chair. At this point I realized that someone spilled their beer on me and pushed them away with my glove in frustration. I picked up the ball and just starred at it in awe for about a minute until an usher came to congratulate me. It was one of the best feelings of my life. I then remember your story, and thought I've still got 2,631 more balls to catch to reach you.

Thanks for the inspiration.

-Adam, age 13
Irvine, CA  

August 22, 2005

This is so cool, a person doing exactly what I hope to do when I'm older! O.O Sounds like ya have a lot of fun at those games, any tips for a 14 year old on getting some balls? ;)


August 2, 2005

I began regularly reading your weblog about 2 months ago, maybe more, i cant exaclty remember, anyhow, i was addicted right away. For a few years now ive been a collector of MLB and Minor League baseballs, i just love them. The way they smell when they are new, the perfect red stitches (on most balls, multi colored on asg balls) the perfect shape and weight, everything is perfect about them. They are just gems, just though i'd let you know i share the same fasicnation as you do. Do you ever find that people find it an odd hobby? I get some strange comments when people get into my car and i have a baseball sitting in there (i keep it in there because i just love how they feel, look, smell etc.). Whatever, ive even used some of your techniques to snag a few baseballs in Pawtucket RI, where the Pawtucket Red Sox play. Here is a good story for you, i was going to a game there in Pawtucket, and i did not have time to print out rosters for the teams, so i knew it would be somewhat on the tough side to call out players and get thier attention with out thier names, so i payed attention to the lineups on the scoreboard before the game began. This just happened to be a night where the area had a large thunderstorm, BP was cancelled there was minimal 'catch' being played by the players, although there were a few that did. Anyhow, i remembered a few names and numbers of the opposing teams, one specific that i remembered was number 19 of the Louisville Bats, his first name was alex, last name slips my mind now. As the opposing team left the field from toss warm ups i noticed that 19 had a baseball in his glove, as he approached the dugout i called out "Alex!" he looked right at me, i made a motion with my 2 fingers and thumb as if there were a baseball between them and he tossed the ball right to me, I owe that catch to Zack I thought (of course i wont give away any of the balls i catch). But anyway, keep the blogging up, I love reading it.


July 30, 2005

Man....I can't believe were exactly right... about 10 minutes into batting I was standing on the stairs in between two sections in left field...Here come a bomb during BP by Brian Jordan (who is on the DL, didn't expect him to hit..) but I came away with the ball!!!! My first Thanks so much for the tip!

Huntsville, AL  

May 18, 2005

I read your blog... AND live in Israel (Jerusalem)!

You are living my dream (many ballparks, many "snags")... I live vicariously through you!



May 17, 2005

Hey,hello.I am a chinese girl. Yesterday,it is a very chance that i found your blog website .i must admit that it is a very excellent website ,i like it .so i send a few words to you.  

September 29, 2003

Hey Zack.. Just wanted to thank you for your tips... went to a game on my birthday and using them got my first ever BP ball.. also got 33 autos including Magglio, Frank Thomas, and Jose Lima.. but was very happy to get that and just wanted to thank you for your tips.. keep up the good work.


May 20, 2003

I wrote you at the end of last summer thanking you for your advice in your book, and giving me more advice of where to go at Shea. I just wanted to say that thanks to you, I have snagged my 25th ball tonight (all at Shea and none during a game yet) and have got a least one at every game I went to BP for. I'm not setting any goal for the number of balls, I'm just having fun catching them. I guess my next goal is to catch a foul ball during the game...was 5 rows away tonight. Its funny I used to go to games to watch them, now I'm there to hunt balls. Maybe thats good, cause the Mets are going no where fast. Also, your advice for sneaking down works great too. I buy the nose bleeds all the time (even they are overpriced), and always watch the games from either field or lodge yet. Usually I'll stay in the upper deck for one inning or two, then move down. I memorized which ramps go down to the correct levels and every nook and cranny of the stadium (I didn't realize that some ramps went straight from the upper level to the street). Well enough blabbing, I just wanted to thank the "Ball King" for giving me a new hobby. Hopefully one day we can meet at Shea.
Yours Truly,

March 10, 2003

Are any of your balls that you caught for sell in bulk? I am interested in a couple of hundred for a huge wall mural display for a soon to be opened sports bar. Thanks-John  

July 27, 2002

Dude you are such a geek. Why don't you take up a more productive hobby, like girls or smoking crack.


January 24, 2002

Zack, Thanks man, I have been so intrigued by your story, that I now own YOUR BOOK. It's pretty sweet, I have made that glove contraption, and it works.

At Spring Training last year, I got my first ball ever, I'm 28. For years as a kid, I went to Twins games, just praying, and of course I got nothing. Now that I'm an adult, I can go to games super early, and go to Spring Training. I now live in Dallas, TX, and the Rangers park is GREAT for balls (I've gotten 2).

I had my shoulder separate last time I got a ball at the Ballpark in Arlington. It popped out, then right back in. It hurt for about 3 months. But, as you say, pain goes away, but you still have the ball. It's sitting right here.

Thanks for the advice and a chance to still act like a kid at 28.


July 18, 2001

Hey! I think your great. I have your book. It really helps in snagging me some balls.

Minneapolis, MN  

July 13, 2001

hey zack will you please e-mail my brother because he doesn't believe me i have your real address.