Zack Hample

Lots and lots and lots of baseballs

Let there be balls

National League drawer

I have five filing drawers, each with 144 balls.

Game balls

Each drawer has four layers, and in this one, every ball on the bottom was game-used.

American League drawer

After snagging 720 balls, I needed a new storage system . . .


. . . and decided to go with 32-gallon barrels, which hold 400 balls apiece.

CBS visits

I used to keep thousands of balls in my old childhood bedroom at my mom's place (and yes, I used to collect cards).


My 28-ball performance on 4/10/08 at Nationals Park inspired balligraphy . . .


. . . and when I broke my one-game record with 32 balls on 6/18/09 at Kauffman Stadium, I got a bit more creative. (There are only 31 balls in this photo because I'd given one to a kid. The three balls on the lower right are in Ziploc bags because I'd fished them out of the fountains and they were wet.)


Then, on 9/14/11 at Great American Ball Park, I broke THAT record by snagging 36. (I gave away 10 balls over the course of the day—also a personal record—so there are only 26 pictured here.)


The first time I broke double digits at Yankee Stadium, I had to find a new way to photograph the balls.


Then I started taking pics everywhere, like here on a railing after a game at Shea Stadium . . .

#7 train

. . . and on John Rocker's favorite subway line . . .


. . . and in a hotel room in Houston.

Duffel bag 

I caught 321 balls in 2005. This is where they lived until I hauled them to a storage space and dumped them into a fifth barrel. I now have 15 barrels full of balls.

Dump Zone

This happened.

Balls to the horizon

Sometimes I feel the need to get a little artsy-fartsy.


And sometimes I wonder what it'd look like if I took 158 balls and lined them up in a hallway. (Good thing the neighbor's dogs didn't make an appearance.)

Pyramid (1990s version)

I built this pyramid back in high school. (Wish I had a better pic.) Want to know how many balls were used? Do the math. The bottom layer is 13 x 13, the second layer is 12 x 12, etc.

Pyramid (2008 version)

Bigger. Better. I had two friends helping me this time. Click here to see more photos of it on my blog. And okay, fine, I'll do the math for you: 2,870 baseballs.

Balls on the floor

This was done for a film shoot in 2014. As you can see, all sorts of random objects were used to create borders and confine the balls to one area. I was skeptical during the set up, but it ended up looking great.

Basement storage locker

Here's my extra storage space. It sucks. But that's what I get for living in New York City, where there's no space for anything.

Baseballs everywhere!

This is how a Korean film crew set up my collection for a shoot in 2015.

Pyramid (2016 version)

This one had more than 6,000 balls! Click here for the video on YouTube.