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April 1, 2011

Thanks Zack! No one thought you would email me but I guess I prove them wrong. I have my own blog called I hope you like it! You are my role model in life because I think you are so cool. Would you like to be email buddies? Dont worry Im not a stocker.

Your friend,

Ben, age 10
Toronto, Ontario

March 21, 2011


I’m in process of reading your second book, the first was great! And I’m taking your advice about being creative about collecting baseballs.

I would be most appreciative if you would please, autograph and send a few to me. Just to show further appreciation, I’ll refund your cost of delivery if you give me a location to send the funds.

Best regards and looking forward to enhancing my Hample collection,

Kathleen, GA  

March 21, 2011

Dear zack;

My name is Liam, I am thirteen and live in New Egypt New Jersey. I am certainaly a big fan of your baseball collection! It is pretty amazing that you can get all of those balls so fast. I've been to a lot of major league games and i only got a few balls. But, i have a new solution that could help us both getting balls. I call it at least the cup trick. You basically do the same thing as the glove trick but with a cup. You simply lower the cup and the cup falls on the ball and then bam is goes in! I'm sure you probably came up with this trick but if not then great.My parents think i'm baseball crazy but i dont care.I just have a interest of snagging major league baseballs.Anyway best luck to you snagging balls.P.S i using my moms email adress.  

March 14, 2011

Hey Zack,

As promised on Twitter earlier, here is a screenshot of the entire page in reference to your mention, as well as a higher resolution shot of just your case you wanted to post it. Any publicity is good publicity isn't it?

Again...congratulations on the book. I am flying through it and it is the perfect foil to my otherwise hectic work life. Being a fella from Canada, its tough pushing aside all the news we get from OUR National Game - hockey, for information on my favorite game. Between your tweets, your escapades on your blog, and the books you have written, it is a pleasure to follow your adventures. I usually get down to the US once a summer for a "guys weekend" including my 11-year old son and my father to watch a couple of games over a couple of days in a couple of cities. Our adventures have taken us from Boston to Baltimore to Cincinnati to Detroit (and all points in between) and each time we go, I always tell my son to "do what Zack does". For a shy kid, its tough, but once he realized that..."if you want that ball bad enough, you have to work for it". It worked, and last year in Pittsburgh, he got a ball and an autograph simply by doing things "the Hample Way"...ask politely, stand out from the crowd, and hold your glove up. The life lesson parallel has done wonders for his confidence in many ways, and much of it, we owe to you.

All the Best for the upcoming season...I look forward to living vicariously through you again! LOL


March 10, 2011

Congratulations on the new book and the charity work. You are awesome. I hope you are very successful with both. I have to say that the only time I ever get excited about sports is when you publish a new book!

-Lelia, age 30
Maryville, TN  

March 8, 2011

Just want to say you're my hero. I hope to meet you at Camden yards this season. Nice Job on what you do!

Baltimore, MD  

March 4, 2011

Hi Zack,
I'm a Australian baseball fan and I really enjoy your blog. I have found myself reading your blog so much so that I'm working my way back month by month reading about your Ball hawking experiences and escapades.


February 19, 2011

Hi Zack,
My name is Mike, and like you, I love baseball.
I'm from Toronto, so naturally, I love the Jays.
I just wanted to take the time to thank you for writing your first 2 books. "Watching Baseball Smarter" has taught me many things about the game that I love that I never knew, and probably never would have found out.
I have already pre-ordered "The Baseball" and cannot wait till I have it in my hands.
I do have a couple, hopefully quick and painless questions for you, if you have the time.
First of all, are you planning any sort of book tour? If so, what are the odds that Toronto is on the list of dates? I would love to shake your hand, and get my book signed.
Secondly, if there isn't a tour planned, is it possible to mail you something to have signed? Like, say a baseball, or a card? Where would I address it to?
Finally, a friend and I have a road trip planned for mid May to see our beloved Jays beat up on the Tigers at Comerica Park. We have never been to a game outside of the Rogers Centre. Which section would YOU recommend we get our tickets in? Obviously, we would like to be near the Jays dugout, so we have the best chance at getting some autographs or snagging some balls from the team. Any advice you have is greatly appreciated.
Thank you once again for your wonderful books, and for your time!
Hope to one day, get to shake your hand!

Toronto, Ontario

February 8, 2011

I started commenting on your blog in May of 2005 as doppychico89, when I was 15! Throughout high school I went to RFK and Camden and tried to snag balls. My first ball ever was a Joe Mauer BP home run which is only fitting because I was born in Minneapolis and am a huge Twins fan.

I only have about 30 balls total but my favorite snag came last summer when my family took a trip to see Target Field for the first time. We were there with some aunts, uncles, and cousins as well. My 8 year old cousin Lauren had never gotten a ball before but she came prepared with her pink Twins shirt and hat. She got the attention of a Twins pitcher in the outfield but his throw sailed wide and a 12 year old boy ended up with it. I told my uncle not to worry, that I would get a ball for Lauren. Right before the game started I snuck down behind the Twins dugout and saw JJ Hardy and Denard Span throwing in front of the dugout. I had to pick a side and went with JJ Hardy because I remembered you had said the more experienced player usually ends up with the ball. Sure enough JJ finished with the ball and fulfilled my request with a soft lob over the dugout. It was my first and only Target Field inaugural season commemorative ball. I brought it back up to our seats and Lauren was overjoyed. So, thank you for your blogging, you made an 8 year old girl's day!

My 17 year old brother also thanks you because he caught Luke Scott's 91st career homerun at Camden last season with tips from you.

-Nick, age 21
Blacksburg, VA

January 9, 2011

Hello Zack. We dig your blog, loved "smarter", looking forward to your new book. Great material, great for the game, great that you give so much back to the game that we love.  

December 22, 2010


I just received the photo back that I sent you. Thank you so much for signing it and returning it to me. (And for your signed card.)

I have only been to NYC once in my life. That was before you started to blog however, and I, no offense, had no idea who you were. I will be sure to visit the Argosy store if (when) I go back. By the way, how did it get the name, Argosy?

I was trying, earlier today, to remember whether or not you have been successful in catching an Alex Rodriguez GAME home run ball. I remember reading that you wanted to catch one, in a kid's version of sports illustrated, and I couldn't recall if you have. I know this sounds lazy, and it is, but I didn't really want to search back through all of your blog entries to find out. I thought that it would be easier if I asked you in the email.

I also thought that I would tell you that I received the same package of things you did from Jerry Diorafter I emailed him. Just like you, he seems to be a very nice person.

Merry Christmas(And a Happy New Year!),

-Matt, age 15
Willow Spring, NC

December 2, 2010

Hi Zack,
My name is Jimmy and I am a senior at the Episcopal Academy High School, located near Philly. For my senior project, I want to do basically what you do- go to games, learn to be a ball hawk, deal with percentages, etc. I would love to be able to talk to you in the future, and just wanted to try to get in contact with you now. If you have any advice, I'd love to hear from you and please reply to this email. Thanks so much for your time!  October 16, 2010

Being an old white kinda fat guy, spending inordinate times on the web, just today i found S.I. and from there i believe somehow to your baseball blog. DUDE, you write so well. Thank you for making small differences on our planet. Your tone seems always cheerful, informative and an undercurrent about comedy and what's serious. You sound like someone i'd like to sit with at a game.

-Andrew, age 60
Minneapolis, MN  

October 11, 2010

Hi Zack,
I found your very interesting site and story on line recently. rather amazing!!!

I saw your interview with Howard Smith at the MLB offices in NYC. Although I've never had the pleasure of meeting Howard, I did try to share some important information with him about 10 years ago. I too have quite a story.

My name is Jerry Dior. I designed the Major League Baseball logo in 1968. It was done for the 100th anniversary of Major League Baseball in 1969. It was supposed to be for one year. I am delighted that MLB has continued to use it in such extensive ways.

Finally last year I had a wonderful surprise. MLB agreed to recognize my contribution and to celebrate me at both Yankee Stadium and Citi Field. My family and I will be forever grateful for that acknowledgement. My story has brought me indescribable joy which I'm sure you understand. If you wish, you can read about me on line. Just google my name.

I would really like to hear from you. I can tell that you love baseball and are sharing that with others.

Be well and safe.
Warm regards,
Jerry Dior

September 24, 2010

Thank you very much Zack for taking the time to read your fan mail, good luck the rest of the season and with your new book!


September 16, 2010

Zack -- I've been reading your blog for a while and finally got a chance to try to snag some MLB balls earlier this week, using the tips from your blog. (I live in Greensboro, NC, and took a 3-game trip to Atlanta.) I decided to drop you a note since your glove trick is responsible for 5 of the 6 balls I snagged over 3 games. The sixth ball was obtained by asking the HP umpire for one after the game. Like you recommend, I politely asked him by name for one of the balls and he happily rolled it across the dugout top to me.

Living in Greensboro, I don't get the chance to make it out to many MLB games, so being able to easily snag some balls with the tips you write about it in your blog when I am able to go out makes the games even more enjoyable.

Thanks for the cool blog. I'm looking forward to the new book when it comes out, and I'm looking forward to you having more time to go to games and snag balls, since your posts about snagging are so much fun to read!


September 14, 2010

Dear Zack,

I am going to be at the game in Houston for the Cubs v.s The Astros on October 2nd,2010, And I was wondering that you could come and meet me and snag some balls with me {Separately}. I am Member “Angel” at if you never knew. I would probably be in the Terrence deck or the Upper Level during the game, but I will be there at 4:oo pm {the time in which the gates open} in the first section you pass by in the Crawford boxes. I will be the kid in the 1st row with a Red Astros jersey. Maybe you can post me on your blog! {JUST KIDDING!!} I love your blog and everything. I am a huge fan and I would like to meet you if you have the chance. Look forward to seeing you………


P.s Come to Houston
It will be your 2nd time at Minute maid…. it will be fun….

P.s.s HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

August 27, 2010

Hey, I live in portland and the closest team is the Seattle Mariners, I hate driving all the way there, so i go to our minor league team (the Portland Beavers.) So i was wondering if you have ever snagged a ball from a minor league game. I have snagged 3 and you are my inspiration.  

August 8, 2010

Hey Zack-

How are ya? I met you at the Orioles/Angels game a week ago with my 6 year old son. Just wondered if I sent you a ball and the copy of your book we bought if you would autograph it to my son David. He had a blast hanging out with you. He has watched your videos and interviews online over and over. Also can you let me know when the Sports Illustrated article comes out. We would like to read it.


P.S. If you are ever in the Detroit area for a game contact us....

August 8, 2010

Hey Zack, I was wondering if your going to be at Citi Field On August 15 vs. The Phillies. If you are, I would love to say hito you and im also planning on using your cool glove trick. Ive tested it a couple of times and its working great. I got the hang of it so far and looking foward on using it during batting practice. Hope I see you there.


P.S: If your'e really there. DONT STEAL MY BASEBALL . Just kidding :D  

August 2, 2010

Thanks to your advise I got the metrodome ball last year and the target field this!! They look beautiful together!!! Thanks so much! For the help! The mariners shirt helped so much because chris seddon was mad at everyone for yelling for the ball he got a grounder at bp 100's of kids were screaming that were wearing twins stuff and he saw I was wearing Mariners stuff pointed to me and threw it to me about 100 feet away! You were right! Players do love to reward there "Fans" haha (: Thanks Again!!


July 14, 2010

I just wanted to drop you a line and say it was nice to meet you in PR. I enjoyed hanging out at the game with you...I think you are a class act. You do a nice job collecting the baseballs and sharing them with other people. I wish you continued success in your journey. I'm looking forward to your new book. Good luck on catching A-Rod's 600th home run. I'm rooting for you to get it.


July 2, 2010

Hey Zack,

This is Craig from the O's/Marlins game. I got Jorge Cantu's 100th HR ball. I wanted to email you even though you would rather people blog with you (i'll do that in the future) just because i read your blog about the game in Puerto Rico. Remember I told you I live in PR and am in the states for summer. I wish i could have been there in PR with you. I even told my wife, "wouldn't it be cool if he stayed at our house!?!" But i know you had fun. It was funny to read about the teenage kid crying about the ball. I was laughing so hard because i teach high school there and it's so true to their culture. Kids crying to get what they want. Also, the security not giving a damn about anything. It makes living there tough! Then how you walked to the REALLY BIG MALL. That's Plaza Las Americas. I live less than 15 minutes from there.

I think this whole baseball catching/writing stuff is amazing. The more I read your blog and see your videos, the more I tell people about you and am so glad I ran into you in Baltimore. I hope that in the future we can go to a game together. My wife and I are actually moving to Indiana in August. She's a Cubs fan and we go often to Wrigley and US Cellular (to watch the O's). I also want to visit Cincy and Cleveland. Maybe next year.

Lastly, I saw that you collect baseballs and use that to give to charity. Man that's awesome. I swear you get cooler everytime i read a new part of your website or blog. Please don't lose the passion. I love it. Congrats on your success. Keep it up.


PS. Thanks for not bashing me on the blog for only getting an autograph! haha. I wondered how you would write that up. I know now I could have got more but at the time i was freakin' out and couldn't think clearly. That stuff doesn't happen to me everyday. It was honestly my first ML baseball.

July 2, 2010

Dear Zack,

This message should of came to you in May but my Computer broke. I just want to say Thank you for all your amazing tips and tricks because i reached one of my milestones of 20 baseballs, and i want to keep on snagging baseballs because one day im telling you that i will have more baseballs then you one day!!!! No im just kidding but I want to say thank you again for your amazing tips and tricks, and maybe one we can go to a Yankees or a Mets game together.

-Brian, age 14
West Caldwell, NJ  

June 29, 2010

Dear Zack,

My name is Dakota and I live in Cincinnati, OH and I have a bet with my dad. He doesn't believe that it was you that caught a threerun homerun ball in Puerto Rico (Mets v.s. Marlins). I want to prove him wrong so if you could please write back that would be great. I also am just like you and snag baseballs. If you could please tell me the next time you will be in Cincinnati to watch the Reds play that would be great also.

P.S. I've read your books and loved them.

Your pal,


June 16, 2010

thanks for the info... i tried your awesome glove trick at a minor league game and i got a commemerative twins baseball for there final season in the metrodome... you rock zack!

-Riley, age 11
Lee, Illinois

June 1, 2010

I love watching your videos on youtube. I think what you are doing is great. I am a huge Twins fan. But I have only been to 5 games because we are about 6 hours from Minneapolis. I have always been trying to get a ball. And last year against the Angels I got two balls. I was so excited. I love your glove trick. I was going to try it but there was a security guard looking At me ani chickened out. I am going to Target field this year for our family vacation. How many baseballs are you at now? Please write back if your not too busy.

Thank you and keep snagging them baseballs.

-Trevor, age 13
Wagner, South Dakota  

May 26, 2010

Hey Zack,

First of all, I'm from Baltimore, 31 years old, and I've heard about you for years. One of the first times was when I was at my friends house when I was probably in my teens and we were watching a show like "To Tell the Truth" and I think he told me you were mentioned, about a guy who was gotten x amount of basealls etc. It was years ago so I may be off. Anyway, when I was about 15, my brother was a manager of a concession stand at Camden Yards one summer, so I would go to the games early, help out, then I wondered around the park. I never got a ball from a MLB game and one day I finally got one from a player, and felt wow that was amazing.

So I won't try to bore you, but anyway it was the start of me getting like a ball or 2 a game. I started developing my strategies, like positioning myself near balls, the catches before games, studying the less popular players' names, coaches names etc.

I assume I have gotten 150-200 balls in my "career".

Gave most awayto friends, some non-friends, relatives etc.

I got a bunch of ballls and went back for like 3 years. It was a good run. Never did any glove tricks. Got 4 balls in a game twice back then. Got several bats-2 from Shawn Green-some batting gloves. As the years went on I didn't go back much, just several games a year. I go to like 2-3 games a year now.

Anyway, my friend's father sent me an article last season and I think it mentioned Happy Youngster and saw his blog and a few weeks ago I came across your blog and ENJOY it immensely and think you do a great job with pics etc.

So you inspired me to make a run on a Ballhawking day.

My 13 or 14 year old cousin was on a class trip from NY and was coming to last night's game, so I decided I'll make it a throwback day. I brought my glove, got there for 5:00 entry (with a season ticket holder to get in early). Got a ball from an O's coach right away, then from an A's pitcher, then for the first time ever I caught a BP homer on a fly, then from another O's coach after the game. was a drop limited as I was watching my cousin most of the game, but tied my record of 4 and it brought back memories. Thanks for giving me the inspiration to make a run. Hopefully I can go again this year.


May 24, 2010

I never cared about going to see other ballparks or stadiums until I started reading your blog and now I'm dying to see so many of them!


May 16, 2010

Hey Zack,

First off, I would like to tell you how awesome you and your blog are. I enjoy every update and im looking foward to your new book. Anyways, Im going to California this summer to watch a few baseball games and i was wondering what stadium you enjoy the most and which is the easiest to snag balls at.

Thanks, Tyler  

May 2, 2010


Today I went to the Cardinals game against the Reds. I got to BP late because of church. My goal was to help my sister catch a ball. I did everything I could to catch one and it payed off. A player (I couldn't tell who because of his practice sweater) threw me the last ball of BP and I handed it to my sister. Thank you for your tips on catching balls! They really helped. 

Also, I got 5 autographs from Dusty Baker, Miguel Cairo, Scott Rolen, Joey Votto, and Brandon Phillips. There was no luck the rest of the game. The Reds players wouldn't throw the balls up to me after the inning. It was still really fun, and I want to thank you for helping me.


April 25, 2010

Hey Zack,

Just this past offseason, I've become a huge fan of your blog and your mission. I love how your main goal is to only catch the balls, and how you enjoy the stadiums you visit as well.

Just a quick question (I DID read the FAQ's like you said!).

Were you thinking of coming to Chicago this season? (Yes, even "the Cell", where I've only been twice in my 18 years of life).

I would go there though if I could get a chance to meet you and talk baseball for a little while.

Thanks for the time,
Schaumburg, IL  

April 25, 2010

Hi Zack,

Just wanted to say Hi again and let you know how one of your youngest students is doing. Andrew finished 2009 with 38 lifetime baseballs.

His goal for 2010? 100.

The two of you set his game high when we were together (6 in a game) & he equalled that in a Sept game @ Oak against Detroit.

This year, he has blown that out of the water, with a single game high of 11. (of course you got 15 at Citi Field just a few days later...)

If you go to, he is actually in the top 10 for 2010. (eighth and you are currently tenth...) Not bragging, as you will get hundreds of baseballs this year, but he's just proud to be up there with your name as well. His user name is andrewb.

He's doing pretty well, for 11. But we just wanted to thank you once again, as this is what I was thinking when I set this whole thing up last year to meet with you. I hope that he'd learn from you and have fun with it, and he has.

Good luck with your books; we both try to keep up with your blog. Andrew is jealous of your visit to the MLB studios & I wished I could've been there at the Steiner event with Yogi etc.

Keep in touch man!

take care,

Jeff & Andrew
Watch With Zack clients on 7/20/09 @ Yankee Stadium

April 25, 2010


First I just wanted to say thank you. You make the game so much fun, and I really enjoy reading your blogs. I have started blogging on MLB myself because you are my inspiration. You are my inspiration to become more outgoing at these games. I went to Cellular Field yesterday, and I had so much fun ballhawking. I was running around, and calling to the players, and they all responded in such a positive way to me. Although, I am far behind you in baseballs, ( You get more balls at one game then I have to my name ) but eventually, Ill be better at it.

Id also like to say thank you for not selling any of this stuff you get on ebay, and other websites like that. It breaks my heart when I go autographing at stadiums, and I overhear autographers wanting to get signs from guys like Pujols, and Fielder so they can make their quick $100.00. Ive never bought anything signed, and I would never sell any of what I have. I have over 100 items signed from George Brett to Colby Rasmus to Will Clark. ( Mostly baseballs )

So Zack, you just keep doing what youre doing, and hopefully Ill see you at the stadiums this season! Id love to meet you, and get a picture with you!

Be well, buddy.

Your friend,


April 21, 2010

Hey there,

I saw on your blog that you are coming to Cleveland at the beginning of May. I've been a big fan of yours since getting introduced to the blog by a friend about a year or so ago. I have been usuing your tips ever since and had a five game streak going until last week when I went without one.

I am planning on going to the game on May 3rd. If you are lookingfor some reccomendations or something to do and want to meet up before the game on Monday that would be a ton of fun. If not no big deal and hopefully I can meet you at the park and get a pic or something. Tickets should be super cheap as the ballpark has been pretty empty since the season started. If you need anything just let me know!


April 5, 2010

Hey Zack, I have followed your blog for the last 2 seasons, and I would like to say that your the reason I started to ballhawk. Your a hero of mine, and I love your blog.


March 7, 2010

I enjoy reading the accounts of your quest for balls at each game you attend, and I enjoyed meeting you at Dodger Stadium in 2008. I remember watching you heading for a ball during BP and there was a kid (10-12 years old) going after the same ball. You could have easily given him a little push with your body to give yourself a better chance to get the ball. But instead you were careful not to bump him and the kid got the ball. I wasn't sure someone who gets as many balls as you do in a season would be that nice.  

March 7, 2010

I just read the post with the letters from the crazy guy--if it wasn't so creepy it would be hilarious. Laided?? Really? I'm sure it's unnerving to know there is someone out there who is mentally unstable and doesn't like you, but just keep doing what you are doing. You are a breath of fresh air and, as I have told you before, my family and I love your books, blog and everything you do for baseball. Keep it up.

Boise, ID  

March 6, 2010

I just snagged my first ever official major league baseball (albeit a spring training one) from one of the umps...if it weren't for you, i'd have never known to ask em. So, again, thanks and YOU ROCK!


February 26, 2010


My name is Jason I am from Cincinnati Ohio, going to the dodgers spring training this year….

So my real question is, can you send me a good picture of your face, I want to get you tattooed on me. I think of you as a baseball hero! More along the lines of doing something you love and getting paid. Wish I could do what you do.

Well anyways, also If I sent you a ball would you autograph it? I would include all the return postage as well.

Well let me know, keep up the good grabs, 7 days till spring training game!!!!


February 14, 2010

I appreciate your reply to my email greatly. You just keep on impressing me not only with your passion for the game and what you have done through the game, but also how you inspire others. Your email helped me a lot cause I was struggling...Looking foward to hopefully see you at a game this summer. It's getting close. Thanks once again.

-Drew, age 18  

February 2, 2010


As a fan of baseball, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your efforts posting your stories and adventures on your blog. I have remained a silent fan of yours for about two years, but wanted to take a moment to send you a note.

Although I wish to remain annoymous, I have recently started a blog of my own baseball collection. Please forgive me, but your opinion would be very much appreciated on my blog as I consider you an expert in your field.

I have had an interest in baseballs for a long time. I really enjoy your passion, but mine lies in a somewhat different genre; I enjoy collecting baseballs (both new and vintage) that are still in there original boxes. My preferences are for baseballs in un-opened boxes, but in this genre, I understand one cannot be picky. So my collection consists of baseballs in their original boxes, opened or not.

I currently have about 100 baseballs, from the 1920s to today, all in their original packaging/boxes, but only a fraction of them are posted on my blog. As time permits, between career and personal obligations, I post what I can on my blog. I do this for two reasons. First, to share my passion with vintage baseballs with other fans. Secondly, this gives me a redundant opportunity to catelogue my collection for insurance purposes.

I am no where in the league that you are, but as a fellow baseball collector who is just starting out with sharing his collection with the masses, I wanted to share this with someone. I thought you of all people could appreciate it.

Anyway, sorry for taking up your time...All the best to you, and thank you for your blog; I have gotten A LOT of enjoyment out of it!

Very respectfully,

Lorton, VA  

January 26, 2010

I hope you realize what a charmed life you lead. I'm often jealous.  January 24, 2010

I cant beleive ive waited this long to tell you but thanks for everything. Ive always wanted to get baseballs, i was crazy to get them. Minor league game after minor league game i tried so hard. One day i came across you on yahoo news and ever since then ive managed to snag 27 minor league baseballs and 5 mlb baseballs. You have helped me so much. I just wanted to tell you thanks!


December 11, 2009

My son (age 11) is a huge fan of yours...views your blog site…watches you on tv, etc. He's also an avid sports memorabilia collector.

I was wondering if you autograph & sell baseballs…if so, I'd like to get him one for Christmas.


November 28, 2009

Congratulations on turning your passion for catching baseballs into what appears to be a stand-alone business. I linked to your website from and really enjoyed reading your story as my older brother and me both love going to MLB games for the opportunity to try to get a ball at batting practice. We don't make it to anywhere as many games as you (about 3-5/year), but I could easily identify with the excitement about trying to get a batting practice ball.

-Mark, age 27
Chester Springs, PA  

November 26, 2009

Yo, Zack. So an interesting story from Thanksgiving. We're down in Virginia with my wife's family. We have a couple New Yorkers (wife's cousins) with us here. I was hanging out on the couch with a cousin who lives in Hell's Kitchen. So I asked him if he's ever been to Argosy Books. Indeed, he has. I mentioned that your family owns it and that I'd met you at several games this season and that you catch a ridiculous amount of balls. We were chatting about your exploits at the ballpark and then all of a sudden some lady (a mother of my sister-in-law's friend) who lives in California breaks into our conversation, "And, doesn't he give a lot of those balls away to kids?!" I said, yes, in fact you do. She said she'd seen you on TV talking about it. I mentioned you'd been on Conan recently, but that wasn't where she saw you. Anyway, I thought it was interesting that she felt the need to get into the converation to mention that you give baseballs to kids.

Okay. That's all from here. Happy Thanksgiving.

-Todd, age 33
Wyomissing, PA  

November 6, 2009

Congratulations on raising so much money for a great cause!!! It looks like I owe $26.90 (wish I could give more)? Where do I send a check?

Thanks again for putting such good karma into the universe through baseball.


October 14, 2009

Hey Zack,

I saw you on Conan. I don't follow baseball regularly, so I wasn't familiar with your name or cause, but I'm glad I do now. You were well-spoken on television (little did I know, until I saw your blog, that you are an old-hand with television/magazine appearances), and now that I've found your blog I'm impressed with your writing as well and your clear eye for detail. You're supporting a great cause, and doing a really great thing for these kids- thanks for putting the word out there!


October 14, 2009

Hey Zack,

Just wanted to let you know I snagged my first baseballs ever at a Phils/Marlins game 2 weeks ago. Technically, they were all thrown to me by players, but using the cheat sheet and roster sheet really worked! I ended up with 3 balls on the day, but I gave one to a little kid. His father thanked me and said it was his son's first baseball, and the feeling of satisfaction far outweighed the loss of my third ever MLB baseball. I gave the other one to my father, who also had never caught a foul ball or anything in his life, and it really made it a great day for both of us in all the years we've been going to games together. Just wanted to say thanks for all the tips, and bringing out a new ballhawk in me.

-Harry, age 21  

October 12, 2009

dear zack
although Id never watched conan before (and frankly wouldnt bother to again), I gladly turned on the tube to see you in action. I thought his ongoing riff was hostile, attention seeking in the most transparently infantile style and idiotic. you on the other hand were composed, funny, smart warm and entirely likable.
so much for smarmy tv
take gd care
xox miche.  

October 9, 2009

Just spent about 2 hours looking at your site, was like a good book that I couldn't put down. Although they'll probably disappoint me again, I'd like to do a 2010 mets game with you, probably with a friend of mine or two also.

I grew up in marine park, went to xaverian high school in bay ridge, I'm living in manhattan now. I saw your newkirk ave gangsta photo, good stuff, which high school did you go to?

Congrats again on an amazing life and being able to capture it all on your site. Best part is that you made the site yourself, no professionals, keep it real buddy, awesome....


October 9, 2009

Hi Zack,

Thanks so much for joining us on The Tonight Show.

Your segment was great fun! And what a feat you accomplished ... getting Jeff Garlin and Conan so excited!!!

Safe travels home.

All the best,

September 25, 2009

Thanks a lot for the tremendous job you do with your blog and website, you've definitely inspired me to become a ballhawk.

-Jake, age 19
Moundsville, WV  

September 24, 2009

It was cool to meet you tonight. I check your site out often and started ballhawking for fun when I can because of you. Ive always been a baseball fan and i thought it would be weird for an older guy to go out and try to get game balls and autographs. Then I realized how many out there actually do it. Then I said, you know what, It ain't so bad...hahahahaha...I got your book through Amazon earlier in the season. It was good stuff and all the best on your new work. I look forward on purchasing a copy. I try to make it out to Citifield as much as I can. Between family and work, its tough. I've made actually like 15 games this year--All at Citifield. I'm a fireman up in the Bronx at Engine 75. I'm also a professional fire photographer. My work has appeared in several fire service publications, CBS, the NY Post and Applebees Restaurants. Thats my niche as ballhawking is yours. Ive been shooting alittle over 15 years now.

Enough of my blabber dude. Again, cool to meet you finally and all the best on your charity.

Stay Safe, Be Well and God Bless


September 17, 2009

My son is a big fan of yours. 

he is pratcing to use your glove trick and learned it is not as easy as you make it. I tell him he has been doing it for years and knows how to do it,

So we put down some balls and he went up on our pourch which is about 11 feet up in air. He is practicing to do it so next year he can get the balls at the cell that fall into the bullpen or between the fans and the field.

just wanted to know you have some followers in chitown.

Chicago, IL  

September 16, 2009

hello zack my name is evan im 14 years old and im from long a hudge yankee fan ive been goin to there games my whole life and caught my first ball in 2003 i found your website last year and fell in love with it i really enjoy goin on your site and checking out all your sick pics from all the games you've been to through out the years. like when i saw the 32 balls u snagged in kansas city i said dawm thats inpressive! i have 20 game balls life time and 31 bp balls all from yankee stadium but the main reason why im sending you this message is because i want u to maybe end up getting back to me letting me know the next time your gonna be at yankee stadium and maybe ill catch up with u early in bp. yes i know how strict yankee stadium security is but ill always be attending the games trying to snag balls. i really like what your doing with your charity and would like to really catch up with u at a game if u EVER EVEN READ THIS EMAIL! or if u hav someone else who checks your email account but if this message ever gets read i would like u to PLEEEEEEEAAAASE SHOW THIS TO ZACK i would really aprechiate it and to get back to me as soon as u open this email thank you 4 your time and i just want to say im a yankee season ticket holder and hav all my play off tickets at home this year so maybe ill see u at a game then if u go and i will be doing your famous glove trick that i love doing


September 16, 2009

Hi Zack! I've been visiting your site for a few years now and just like to say I'm a big fan. Unfortunately because of my schedule and having moved to Las Vegas I don't get a chance to attend very many major league games a year so I sort of live through you and your blog haha :)


September 14, 2009

Hi Zack

Hope all is well with you. It has been a long time since I have written! Just wanted to say hello, your last post (where you visit MLB) was insane! I actually mean what I am about to say.... I would PAY to read your blog! It is that good and original!!!

I say we do away with all the kids who copy you!!!

Take care and E-mail with the book updates! I can't wait to order my copy! Take care my friend! 


September 11, 2009

I stumbled onto your MLB blog the other day and just wanted to shoot you an email on what a great thing I think you are doing with raising money by shagging balls. Your blog is great and from especially from my perspective as person who spent their student loan money going to ~40-60 Red Sox games/yr in college and shagging balls mostly in the right field corner. I pledged you .10 per ball but will cut you a check for $100 at the end of the season regardless. If you are ever at Fenway or need tickets (no charge) let me know and consider it an open invitation. I am a bleacher season ticket holder with a 3 year old daughter which means I get to ~10 games a year now instead of 40+, and would rather see my tix go to real fans of the game. Good luck- hope you hit 500 balls shagged this year!


August 15, 2009

Ok, so lets get the wide eyed huge grin on my face fangirl stuff out of the way first: You are awesome, I love your books, and, because it bears repeating, you are awesome!

Good, now that that's cleared up, I want to let you know that because of you baseball has become an even deeper and richer experience for me. I didn't think I could love it any more, but I've been known to be wrong from time to time. This was one of those times. Moneyball was what started this love in the first place...way back in college in a sports psychology course. We focused on baseball a lot, and I saw what a deep, vast ocean the sport is when I had always thought that it was a shallow puddle. See? Wrong again! Point is, ever since then, I've been ravenously devouring all books about baseball I can get my hands on that are worth their salt (I mean, I"m not made of money, so I have to pick and choose what I read). Your books are really at the top of my list. I owe you a huge amount of thanks, so I figured I should drop you a line and do it properly. So, Zack, thank you and please keep writing and being as much of a professional baseball fan as one can possibly be!:D

-Amanda Hieb
Highlands Ranch, Colorado (and yes, I'm an undying Rockies fan-but have respect for a lot of other teams out there...I'm not so narrow minded to think mine is the only team worth loving, admiring, or just plain enjoy watching;)  

August 15, 2009

Thanks Zack for giving me hours and hours of fun, reading through your blogs. I even took my ipod to bed to read them the other day. As I'm English I've only ever gone to one baseball game, which was a college game in Florida. This however was around 5 years ago and I'm now 15. I snagged 4 balls that day. 4 lying in a small grass verge and one I caught in an upper foul area section. Your page, is an inspiration to me, and I wish that one day I could go around the stadiums like you and try to snag hundreds of balls in The Bigs!!.  

August 14, 2009


My name is Christian I'm 13 and I was wondering if you will ever be in Chicago for a Cubs game. I only have one baseball that i snagged from a game. It was the inaugural season ball for the Yanks. I hope that one day perhaps this year you can help me get a few more. I have seen all of your videos and check out your blog every day. I'm a big fan of yours and I would love to go snag some baseballs with you.

Arigatou, Gracias, Spasiba, Thank You.  

August 14, 2009

I gotta say u r a legend!!!! I'm always showin friends ur videos n page they say ur nuts I'm like I wanna do da too go all over I wanna be the mexican zack hample lol....

-Jose, age 31
Los Angeles, CA  

August 11, 2009

Dear Zack:

I recently came across a YouTube video about you and then found my way to your blog. After showing them to my baseball-obsessed son, Jack, he has become an 8-year-old ballhawk blogger.

You are his hero.

If you get a chance, check out He would pee his pants if you became a follower of his blog.

Thanks for your good work and good works!



August 3, 2009

thanks to you my dreams came true my goal was to get the metrodome logo baseball which i did and to get the one with the guy batting which i see on your blog i read it dailey and i got that too thank you now i have to make new dreams (= thank you again.  July 31, 2009

Hi Zack,
I have to start off by saying 'Thanks' because your glove trick made my day yesterday. I went to see the Yankees at U.S. Cellular pretty last minute, and only arrived at the stadium when batting practice was just wrapping up. No luck at the dugout as they left the field so I went to the bullpens to check for anything that wasn't picked up.

I had decided to bring the stuff for the glove trick despite never using it before and having some trouble getting used to it in a short amount of time, but it paid off. My only goal was to get a Yankee commemorative ball. I saw nothing in the right field pen, then went over to the gap between the wall and the seats in left-center field and saw only one ball laying in the entire gap. I gave it a shot and knocked it closer to see that it was commemorative. After a few readjustments I reeled it in and got applauded by a bunch of people.

So again, Thank You. If it wasnt for your blog, I would have never known.  

July 28, 2009

awesome seeing you tonight! i was the other white jewish kid with zevi who talked to you first before zevi got there. we were all in awe when we saw you approach the gates that we didnt say anything then. we are avid os fans aand i go to every single game. my name is avi by the way. nice jewish name. i loved talking to you tonight. you are like an idol to me with all you do. i hope i was in a picture with you somehow from jona snapping shots because we forgot to take one with you on my camera.

let me know next time you are either in baltimore or washington! would love to meet up with you again! (but as a teenager in school i dont have money to pay for watch with zack, sorry). but would love to play catch too and stuff.

thanks again.

-Avi, age 17
Baltimore, MD

July 26, 2009

Dear Zack,
Hey what's up. I am Andrew from the Yankee game today (June 26, 2009). I saw your website and youtube videos and they were awesome. In case you really don't remember me I am the kid who you gave your buissness card to and autographed it and my dad's name was Danny. I was just wondering if you got a ball today. Thank's so much for being so nice to me at the game and sharing your infoformation about your awesome experiences at the ballgames you have been to. I hope we can keep in touch. Hopefully I can run into you at another game. Once again thanks a lot.

Your fan,

July 26, 2009

I would just like to formally announce myself as a ZackFan. I love reading your blog even though I'm not really a ballhawk myself.  

July 24, 2009

Hey Zack!
I heard about you probably back in like 2007? I live around the LA area and love going to dodger games always trying to snag balls!! Anyways I wanted you to know your a really cool guy and an inspiration to alot of people!! I spent all of this month going through EVERYONE of your blog enteries!! I literally stayed up at night reading them cause I love reading about the awesome player-fan interaction!! It's really cool! 
Hope you can get your collection even bigger!!
Thanks for just being cool!  

July 21, 2009

Zack, wanted to thank you for your blog. It's always an entertaining read, and it got me motivated at the White Sox/Rays game today to get a ball for my eight year old nephew. I got to the stadium first, ran to the right center stands, and right in the front row was an Easter Egg of a game used (it had the rubbing mark on it) Metrodome ball. Just as I was picking it up, Carlos Pena blasted a ball to the stands. I had time to run it down as it bounced down the steps, and it was a mint World Baseball Classic 09' ballin beautiful shape! Then I got my third ball of the day on a ground rule double in batting practice that I had to jump up to snag with my glove. My nephew was a happy camper. Thanks again for all the tips man, and if you ever swing by Chicago, I will definitely be there to see you in action (unless you come to Wrigley, I refuse to step foot there.)


July 10, 2009

I just wanted to say thank you for getting me into ballhawking. You really have changed my life. If it wasn't for stubling on to your blog I would've never gotten into ballhawking and I wouldn't've found this great passion of mine.


June 28, 2009

Dear Mr. Hample,

Hi, my name is Michael Higgins, and I'm 13 years old. I LOVE baseball, and I check your site very often for updates. I think you snagging 32 balls is amazing! I am an autograph seeker, and was never really into foul balls or batting practice or anything. But I went to a Rays-Marlins game yesterday and saw them both take batting practice. I kept all your entries and tips in mind and tried my best to catch a ball or have a player shagging them throw one to me. (But only before the Marlins started signing.) Unfortunately, I came up empty-handed. But I got closer than I ever have to getting a player to throw me something. I guess it helps being a kid. Anyway, I was just emailing you to say thank you for all the tips, and that you are a great author...I look forward to your next blog entry. If you find the time, I would love to hear back from you!

Orlando, FL  

June 25, 2009

A million thanks for your support of the MLB book. I've been meaning to email and say thanks again for the blog entry you did on the book -- you're a class guy and I really appreciate all you've done. I hope to be able to repay you one day. Not sure how, but I hope I'll be able to do so.

-David Horne, author of Major League Baseball: An Interactive Guide to the World of Sports  

June 22, 2009

You do more to show the non-Ebay mentality of baseball autographs and balls than anyone out there. I am just glad you are still loving doing it and teaching the next generation.

Major kudos to you.


June 21, 2009

Mr. Hample (or Zack),

My name is Conner V. I live in KC. And i can make a ryme anytime! Not really, this email is to compliment your abilities as a "deeply serious baseball geek" and "ballhawk". I personally thought that you were a hoax when i first saw your website. But then i read, reread, and rereread your mlb blog (awesome) and began to appreciate your skill. By the way, today, your glove trick impressed a retirement home today when i successfully demonstrated it to all 100 of them, basically thanks to you. I noticed that you were in KC a couple days ago and i know how the games went. Don't you think the royals are a little streaky?? Anyway, i've never managed to get my paws on a MAJOR league baseball, but i've gotten MINOR league baseballs. However, with your detailed tips and tricks, i can snag one at the next royals home game. THANKS AGAIN,

-Conner, age 13  

June 18, 2009

I am so glad you got some major props from the KC broadcast guys. Two interviews in one day is amazing for most people, much less a ball hawk.

I have to commend you on the way you do present yourself. Everything I have heard about you is total class and totally about the game and the art of snagging balls too.

Glad MLB and the fans have someone like you to prop up there as a fantastic example of what is good about the game.  

June 17, 2009

I saw your interview of FSN tonight during the 3rd inning. I hadn't seen or heard of you before and man was I impressed. You are living the dream ! Keep up the great work ! It's great to see someone who loves the game like you that can live out what so many of us would love to do.  

June 12, 2009

Hi Zack- I'm a big fan of what you are doing and so I was extremely upset when I read your blog and saw that you were at the O's game the same day I was there. So I'm wondering when you are leaving, and if you are going to any games this weekend. Because I think meeting you would be very cool. Have fun in Baltimore, and I hope you grow to love our ballpark.

From a big fan,

June 11, 2009

Zack – My kids and I stumbled onto your web site last year while on a trip to Colorado before attending a Rockies game. As a result, my son was able to snag a BP ball in left field before a game - see attached pdf file of pics of this future KC ball hawk.

I will be at the Tue, June 16th game in KC with my two kids. We live in the KC metro area. Don't' be surprised if you see a white middle-age male with a camera and two kids - a boy age 9 and girl age 11 watching your every move on Tue at the new K before the game. We are fans of your quest.


May 22, 2009

Hey Zack, Ive been reading your blog for about a year now and I must say I'm very impressed. It has inspired me to also follow on in the footsteps of you. I look forward to every entry you write. Let me tell you a little bit about me I have collected two balls in my short career of ballhawking, both from Petco Park. I am a fan of the Boston Red Sox because I lived in Boston for about 6 years. I still remain loyal to all the Boston teams. I collect sports things like baseball cards and autographs my favorite card is a triple jersey card of Pedro Martinez, Roy Oswalt, and Dontrelle Willis, and I also have an autrographed ball from the 2004 Boston Red Sox. I hope to become a pro sports player because I love sports. Thanks for always writing a good blog and being an inspiration. I look forward to hearing from you.

-David, age 13
San Diego, CA  

May 16, 2009

man you rule I love ur pashion 4 the game 

May 14, 2009

Despite the trash I talked on my blog about you a year ago, I realize you are a true fan and I enjoy reading your work.


May 11, 2009


I was in Minnesota over the weekend to collect some balls and see the Dome...At one point I got 2 balls from the Mariners in a matter of 30 seconds, then a kid turns around and says, "Are you Zack Hample?" I said no with a smile on my face. Dude, you are a rock star! When you have people in Freaking Minnesota asking about you then you have made it!

-Matt, age 29
Los Angeles, CA  

May 9, 2009

IM Definatly going to have another wwz this year. it was so awesome i NEED to have another one.  THANK YOU SO MUCH! It was SOOOOOO great last night, AND i would have only gotten 5 of the 10 balls, if not for you.

-Joe, age 14
Sag Harbor, NY
Watch With Zack client on 5/8/09 at Citi Field  

May 5, 2009


It was truly an honor getting to watch you in action the past couple days. I like what you have said about the ballpark, I guess I get spoiled 'cause I get to go so often. Thanks for being so cool with my daughter & I really hope we can do it again soon. Your new friend,

-Brian, age 34
Burleson, TX  

April 27, 2009

Zack! Thanks for linking to my blog and getting me some face time on your own! I had so much fun sitting back and watching the master (you) work his magic (snagging)!!! You need to come back to Miller Park soon! It certainly was fun doing my thing and seeing a celebrity like you competing with me a few sections over.

-Shawn, age 19
Milwaukee, WI  

April 26, 2009

Hi Zack

I first met you on July 2, 2008 outside and then in the upper deck of Yankee Stadium.  I believe they were playing the Rangers. I was with my 9 (now 10 ) year old son.  Anyway he was amazed at how many balls you catch.  He has a collection of 16 balls ,  12 hockey pucks , 5 hockey autographs, and 10 signed baseballs, Not bad for 10 years old.

Anyway my son has to do a biography report next month,  I was wondering if anybody has every written one about you.  I know he can get a lot of info about you off of your website, however it must be from a book about you.  Right now it is between Derek Jeter, Grady Sizemore and yourself


April 26, 2009


I want you to know how much I enjoy your blogs.  The pictures are really, really good, but your writing keeps me in stitches.

Can't wait to see you in August.  Keep up the good work and safe travels.

-Danny, age 61
Denver, CO

April 26, 2009

Zack, I hope you are doing well..Just wanted to tell you I took my kids to the Atlanta Braves-Marlins series last week and my son Lucas (10) came away with his 1st 3 major league baseballs at his 1st major league games. We got em during BP with the Marlins and he was very excited. You were an inspiration for us to get agrressive and get some balls.
Keeping catching!!!
John Olszewski
Sports Carolina Monthly  

April 22, 2009

Zack, I don't even like baseball but I was researching baseballs and came across your site. I have never been so highly entertained by a subject I have no interest in before this! I even learned some things and somehow I even (almost) felt like I was kinda there, ya know? You are a great writer, think about that...take it where it leads you and good luck with your hobby! Thanks for a good read!  

April 20, 2009

hey i have now read your stuff from both taxpayer field and yankee stadium. as you can imagine i have read many news articles and blog entries on both places, but I have to tell you that even though your's was snag-centric, i got the best take on both places from reading YOUR blog. loved the pictures and the commentary.

-Michael, age 51
Birmingham, AL

April 16, 2009

I really love reading your blog, it's always interesting and usually I get a laugh or two out of each one as well. I have also noticed that it has improved tremendously in 2009 compared to 2005. I really appreciate the time and effort you put into it, I always enjoy reading it and look forward to new posts.

Canton, OH  

April 9, 2009

Hey Zack,

My name is Jeff, im 14, and i am a HUGE Mets Fan and even bigger sports collecting. I have over 50 autographs and unlike you, i have only caught 3 balls at a major league game( at BP of course) I love your glove, string, sharpie trick and really admire you as a role model for me to keep on trying.

April 1, 2009

I got back from Spring Training and i had 4 big moments because of you.
1. I used the glove trick to get one of my first balls of the year.
2. Brandon inge loved my big glove and took it on the field, showing the whole team. Miguel Cabrera gave me a signed ball and asked if he could use it for BP. I said yes and got the signed ball.
3. I got the Bluejays full version lineup card on 3/28
4. I got the rays full version lineup card on 3/29
Thanks for giving me those tips through your blog.
Thank you so much for EVERYTHING.


February 20, 2009


I sent your name to a friend of mine who works in the Marketing Department for the Tampa Bay Rays. I would think that you doing either a clinic or even a Q & A on a weekend series would be fantastic.

Hopefully they can also see the great P R this can do for both of you because of your great talent in the outfield shagging balls. The things you can teach the younger Rays fans would be evident in the outfield for years, and maybe more if they remain Rays fans.

Just wanted you to know that even in Korean, Chinese and even Taiwanese, you have a great positive message for baseball fans.

-Rays Renegade
St. Petersburg, FL  

January 29, 2009

Dear Mr.Hample,
It would be such a honor for me if you could please send me a couple of your business cards signed and a autograph photo to...Could you please sign them to Michael and date them. Well I will tell you a little about myself. My full name is...I am currently attending college and I plan on majoring in political science. I hope to one day to have a successful career in politics. I have four dogs named Orbit, Rocky, Sampson and McDonalds. Three questions I would like to ask you is what is your most memorable moment in your career, when you were a child did you have any idols and do you have any advice for a young person who wants to have a successful career like yours. I hope to hear from you soon. Have a nice day and thank you for taking the time to read this letter.


January 26, 2009

Just stumbled across this site.Man, what a full life you have seem to have led.Seem to have covered your whole life in 30 minutes.Funny how it can be broken down into just a few minutes here and there.Just thought I would take a few minutes and say You have been truly blessed.  January 24, 2009

I was a telling friend of mine about you while I was on your blog and I said

ME: "Hey, do you know who Zack Hample is?"


ME: "He, caught the LAST homerun ever hit by a Met at Shea."

FRIEND: "Did you ever hear about the guy that caught those 2 homeruns at Yankee Stadium?"

ME: "THAT'S HIM!!!!!!!!"

FRIEND: "Dang"


-Evan, age 15
Raleigh, NC